Hooker Blogs About Getting Stiffed By Len Dykstra

Online escort Monica Foster, who describes herself on her Twitter account as, “a sexy but nerdy artist, author, actress, model, pornstar, entrepreneur & online media mogul,” has created a blog site expressly to complain about her recent, alleged run-in with Lenny Dykstra.

Monica Foster online hooker blogs about getting stiffed by Lenny Dykstra

(Site includes her half-hour account of Dykstra experience - on video)

Apparently when he isn’t (allegedly) stealing his son’s $737,000 signing bonus, Dykstra is (allegedly) answering online ads for hookers.

Foster goes into great detail about her alleged rendezvous with the bankrupt ballplayer in her blog entry - and how he *paid* for her services with a bad check.

“… how I made the mistake (of which I’ll never make again) of creating and answering an escort ad, and how the man who answered my ad “Lenny Dykstra” wrote me a bad check in the amount of $1000, which bounced and left me in the position of paying back my bank for the funds that they initially credited me for the check.”

Foster intimately describes her (alleged) meetup with Dykstra which, despite requiring payment of $1,000, apparently did not involve sex.

“This situation left me in the position of not being able to go home to visit my family for the holidays. I understand that working as an escort is an “alternative lifestyle” occupation - however I did not do anything wrong or illegal being that this man only paid me for my company and to have a few drinks with him.”

Foster then notes that apparently this isn’t the first time that Dykstra has (allegedly) stiffed hookers - with the bill at least. Read more…