Lenny Dykstra Living In His Car? Yeah, Sure He Is

So before we get all misty and concerned over recent reports that Lenny Dykstra is destitute and sleeping in his car, let’s all take a breath and remember just who it is we’re dealing with here. Not only has the former Mets and Phillies star filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but he’s in a pitched battle with the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company involving coverage on two multi-million dollar homes that he owns. And, Our Hero is in the process of divorcing his wife.

Lenny Dykstra Phillies car

So sure, telling CNBC on Monday that he’s totally broke and unable to live in his own house because all the toilets are missing, well, it sounds rather like something someone in his position would say. Not buying it. Dykstra could probably afford a hotel room by simply selling one of his dress shirts every day. Hey, maybe he IS living in his car, but I’m not believing that until I see him in there wrapped in a sleeping bag, clutching a tire jack and listening to the OnStar lady sing him to sleep. Read more…