Brady Quinn’s Biggest Fan Sadly Says Goodbye

BRADY QUINN’S BIGGEST FAN SADLY SAYS HER GOODBYE: Say what you will about Brady Quinn and all the fun photos that keep popping up. But the former Notre Dame QB meant a lot to people - especially a young girl in Wisconsin. Sadly, Quinn’s biggest fan finally succumbed to a rare disease:

Dyan Orr

Dyan Orr passed away Wednesday afternoon after a long battle with a Gorham’s Vanishing Bones Disease, a very rare lymphatic disorder with no known cure.Her dad grew up in South Bend, which helped Dyan develop her strong feelings for the Fighting Irish, particularly of Quinn, who became her favorite player.

Upon hearing of her condition, Brady personally called Dyan, and the resulting conversation was what she said was the greatest moment of her life.

Just a few hours before she died today, her parents took her out of her hospital room and to the flower shop, where they bought her one last gift - a copy of Men’s Health magazine, featuring Quinn on the cover.

Dyan agreed to donate her body to research in order to help find a cure for her rare disease. More information about Dyan can be found on her website.

Brady Quinn Calls His Biggest Fan Fighting For Her Life

BRADY QUINN GIVES A CALL TO HIS MOST IMPORTANT FAN: A 11-year-old terminally ill girl recently received a phone call from her all-time favorite player - Brady Quinn.

Dyan Orr

Dyan Orr of Portage, WI, has been suffering from lymphangiomatosis, a very rare disease that stunts bone growth and causes fluid to build up around the heart and lungs. She’s now on oxygen and confined to her parents’ bedroom. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for her disease.But in what she called one of the greatest moments of her life, Dyan received a personal call from Quinn. Before the phone chat, Dyan sent the Browns draft pick a photo of herself in an oversized Irish shirt. Quinn sent the photo back with his autograph, along with an autographed jersey.

Brady Quinn

She adored him since he came to Notre Dame,” said Dyan’s father Mike, a former South Bend resident and life-long Irish fan. When opening the gifts from her hero, Dyan exclaimed, “That’s my boyfriend.“Dyan also received a call from ND head coach Charlie Weis. They talked about Weis’ daughter Hannah, who is suffering from a seizure disease.

Mike Orr said Weis was touched by Dyan “because she kept asking how Hannah was doing.”

More can be read about Dyan and donations can be made on her website.

*UPDATE*: Sadly, Dyan finally passed away.