SI Exclusive: Dwight Howard Really Likes To Fart

Dwight Howard is on the cover of the latest SPORTS ILLUSTRATED issue, where the mag has an in-depth write-up of what makes the Orlando Magic star tick. (At least I guess that’s what the article is about. My subscription ran out a while ago, and the local Jiffy Lube didn’t have it amongst their magazine pile when I brought my car in for a oil change the other day. So I had to make do with Cosmopolitan - and learned 101 ways to please your man.)

Dwight Howard Sports Illustrated cover

(”Pull my finger!”)

Anyway, Mike Bianchi of the ORLANDO SENTINEL still has his subscription, and while perusing the article, he came across a blurb about one of Howard’s hobbies that’s sure to raise a big stink - Dwight really likes to fart.

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