Saints Performed a Miracle For New Orlea BOOB

Please god.

New Orleans Saints Boobs


Other unnecessaries:

Super Bowl Gay

Morning after buzzkill:

Bourbon Street Morning After Super Bowl

Now for the real reason Dwight Freeney was ineffective last night:

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Stars Who Were Cheerleaders; D.R. Done In WBC

• Always dreamed of Eva Longoria in a cheerleader’s outfit? Here you go!

Eva Longoria cheerleader

• The Dominican Republic gets dealt a death blow by the Dutch. And here’s the skipper who helped bounce Felipe Alou & Co. from the WBC.

• Q: What’s a life worth? A: The 17th pick in the 2nd round of the NHL Draft.

Dwight Freeney gets an offseason job as Dr. Phil’s limo driver.

• NFL backup QB Drew Olson loses golf tourney to a 14-year-old. Drew, don’t quit your day job.

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Dwight Freeney Stars In “Driving Ms. Golddigger”

I believe it was Kanye West who once said, “I ain’t sayin’ she’s a golddigger, but she ain’t messin’ with no broke [ethnic slur]. Get down, girl go ‘head, get down.” Not only was it an incredibly philosophic statement that rhymed and fit well into the rhythm of the song West was singing, but it delivered an important message. There are some women out there who are interested in nothing but money.

It’s rather despicable when you think about it. I mean, all men care about is sex, but sex is something that any woman can give them, so it’s an equal-opportunity endeavor. Not every man has a lot of money, and to withhold the sex they desperately crave because of it just isn’t fair. So it’s important that men work together to figure out which women are these golddiggers, and thankfully, two rich guys like Dr. Phil and Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney are around to help us figure out which women to look out for.

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Writer Argues Shula Should Have His Own Asterisk If Patroits Have One

WRITER ARGUES SHULA’S OWN TEAM DESERVES ASTERISK: Don Shula shouldn’t be tossing out talk of asterisks when his own 1972 team could have one:

Don Shula radio

Jim Litke of the ASSOCIATED PRESS argues that the former Miami Dolphins coach should speak for himself when it comes to criticizing New England’s possible perfect run.Before bumming it on South Beach, Shula was in charge of the Baltimore Colts. After the 1969 season, then-Dolphins owner Joe Robbie talked with Shula and convinced the coach to head to Miami.

However, the NFL didn’t like the discussion, and charged the Dolphins with tampering & gave their first-round draft pick to the Colts. Three seasons later, Shula had his Super Bowl ring & undefeated season.

Don Shula shoulders

As for critics calling out the Pats for running up the score, Litke points out that one of Miami’s wins during their perfect drive was a 52-0 thrashing of New England.Litke believes that if the Patriots’ “Spygate” scandal deserves a little star mark on a 19-0 record, then Shula’s move south should result in “17-0*”.

But it’s hard to see Litke’s assessment as more than just homerism for the Boston boys, after reading his thoughts on a Pats penalty last week.

Pats Colts Tom Brady sack

During the 2nd quarter of the Indy-NE game, Pats tackle Matt Light leg-swiped Colts defender Dwight Freeney, resulting in a personal foul call.Litke proudly wrote, “It was one of those win-at-all-cost maneuvers that few people would have admired more than Belichick and Light’s teammates would have admired.”

We’re pretty sure Belichick & teammates wouldn’t admire getting pushed back 15 yards because of a dumb penalty.