Dutch Soccer Fans Will Follow Anything in Orange

Remember when you heard as a kid that lemmings will follow each other off a cliff without any thought just because the herd in front went off the cliff? Then remember when you found out Walt Disney shoved them all off the cliff for better film? Didn’t you feel a bit betrayed?

Lemmings video game

(This is the Lemmings video game. We are huge dorks.)

Fret no further, scarred little child within. There are such lemmings in the wild. Unfortunately for Disney, they aren’t actual lemmings; they’re Dutch soccer fans. They will pursue anything wearing their team color of orange, including Swiss railroad workers onto the tracks.

That’s why the Swiss rail workers have switched to yellow vests during Euro 2008; officials are afraid their cow catchers can’t scrape all the Netherlands denizens from the tracks in time after Dutch fans followed a rail worker around in Berne.
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