Dungy Zings Pats About Cheating To School Kids?

Joe Henderson of the TAMPA TRIBUNE has a piece today recounting Tony Dungy’s recent visit to Jefferson High School in Tampa - where he met with students and gave a motivational speech.

Bill Belichick Snubs Tony Dungy

Henderson first though had the latest on Dungy’s book, “Quiet Strength”, which is now a bonafide bestseller: “The publisher originally figured “Quiet Strength” would sell around 30,000 copies when it was released last July. Within three weeks, though, it was No. 1 on The New York Times bestseller list. Sales have topped 900,000 and co-author Nathan Whitaker said there might be a sequel on the way.

After shaking hands and signing autographs, Dungy then spoke to the student body. While taking questions, someone brought up the Patriots “cheating scandal” to the Colts Coach. That’s when the fun started. Read more…