Bosworth Saves Lives; Marino Out of “Inside” Job

Dan Patrick & Keith Olbermann - together again, Sundays this fall on NBC!

Brian Bosworth is back in the news, and it’s for a noble deed indeed.

Brian Bosworth Seahawks helmet backward

• Those appearing on Showtime’s new version of “Inside the NFL”, please step forward. Whoa, not so fast, Dan Marino.

Chipper Jones apparently isn’t well known in “American Idol” circles.

Lou Holtz’s friendship with the dearly(?) departed Jesse Helms may have cost the coach his Arkansas job.

Jason Peter’s new book details a football life of drugs, hookers and attempted suicide - which makes for some great summer reading!

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Cal Stadium Tree-Sitter ‘Dumpster Muffin’: Victory!

The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE (and Holly at EDSBS) has an update on the big stink between homeless tree-sitters and Cal officials who are trying to build a sports training facility next to Memorial Stadium.

Dumpster Muffin

(”Look, in the distance, a Flying J truckstop shower with your name on it!”)

UC Berkeley’s plan to build a state-of-the-art athletic training center next to Memorial Stadium is on hold until the university can prove the project would not violate state earthquake-safety laws, a judge ruled Wednesday.

University officials are ecstatic about the ruling, claiming they aren’t violating any of the safety laws - and that the project will now soon move forward. But advocates for the mountain trash tree-sitters are also claiming victory.

I actually hope the training center doesn’t get built. Since I’m a USC football fan and also hope to continue to read about these sort of exchanges involving “Dumpster Muffin“:

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