Duke Sucks, Or Should That Be Spelled With An F?

THIRTY-FIVE SECONDS, one of our new favorite college hoops blogs, posts about an otherwise ho-hum opening ACC win by Duke over Virginia yesterday (lo, for the days of Othell Wilson!).

But TFS does dig up something from the already-forgotten game that is linkworthy. Video of an attractive UVA coed (and Dave Matthews fan, no doubt) tell the chanting Cameron fans to “Shut the f*** up.

The Cowboys-Redskins Rivalry Is Officially Over

There’s been rumors that the once-great Redskins-Cowboys rivalry is no longer. We don’t want to believe it, but DC-based Chris Mottram of MISTER IRRELEVANT posts a video that is clear evidence supporting that once-unimaginable assertion:

Cowboys Fans Fight Broken Up By Redskins Fan

The video clip is of two fans throwing hands in the stands last Sunday at the Redskins-Cowboys game at FedEx Field. More specifically, the pugilistic principles are both Cowboys fans, with Redskins fans eventually breaking up the drunken scuffle.

‘Skins fans stopping two Dallas fans from bludgeoning each other? We thought we’d see Joe Theismann make an ass out of himself by needlessly criticizing ESPN and Tony Kornheiser multiple times before we’d ever witness something that incomprehensible. Oh, wait.

Rainbow-Wigged Fan Now Serving Life In Prison

MENTAL FLOSS has a reminder today of the most notorious fan in history, the guy we always used to see wearing the rainbow wig and toting a “John 3:16″ inside our teevee. The gent’s name is Rollen Stewart, and his tale isn’t all that interesting, but it’s Saturday and we’re not much into the Meineke Car Care Bowl (Free Jim Grobe!), so indulge us.

Rollen Stewart Rainbow Wigged Fan

During the ’70s and ’80s Stewart was all over the national television sports broadcasts, so much so that NBC Sports threatened to fire directors who showed him. Brent Musburger told ESPN that directors in TV trucks would “threaten to kill him” when they saw him appearing in shots.

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ESPN’s Erin Andrews’ Body Parts Obsessed Upon Online By Fans

ESPN heartthrob Erin Andrews proves that if you pose for enough of these

Erin Andrews Photos

this will invariably happen:

Erin Andrews Breast Grab Animation

And will eventually lead to this:

Erin Andrews Butt Photo

But now we know why Andrews is called “Poopsie” by one ESPN colleague.