Revenge Of The Nerds: Duke, Vandy, NU All Good

It’s not surprising that College GameDay will be making its third straight appearance in SEC country this weekend. But Nashville? I thought UT was in Knoxville. Oh, Vanderbilt? They have a team? That’s right, sports fans, Lee Corso will be embarrassing himself at Vandy this Saturday as the 4-0 ‘Dores prepare to face off with Auburn.


It’s a nod to the stunning new college football landscape, where Vandy, Duke, and Northwestern are a combined 12-1 (with the only loss being by Duke to Northwestern). Vanderbilt hasn’t had a winning season since 1982. Northwestern hasn’t been 5-0 since 1962. Prior to this past Saturday, Duke hadn’t won an ACC game since Millard Fillmore was president. It’s insanity.

Ridiculous video after the jump.

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Duke Favored In ACC Game; World To End Soon

How bad have things gotten for Al Groh and the Viriginia Cavs? First, they lose by 45 points at home to USC. Then, they lose their quarterback for the season because of a probation violation. Now, they’re 6 1/2-point underdogs to friggin’ Duke.

Al Groh

Yes, Duke. The school that has lost 25 consecutive ACC games, is 3-61 in conference play this decade, and recently argued in a court of law that they are in fact the worst program in all of major college football. The Blue Devils haven’t made a bowl game since 1994, but are off to a 2-1 start this season after wins over James Madison and Navy and a narrow loss to Northwestern. This is reportedly the first time they’ve been favored in an ACC game since 2002.

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Duke Football Does Suck - Check Your Law Books

Thanks to THE WIZARD OF ODDS for bringing us a little Friday joy by relating the recent legal decision in Franklin County (KY) that Duke football sucks immensely. Oh, and not only did a judge agree to this legal precedent, he did so because it was the idea of Duke’s lawyers.

Duke lawyer weasel

Duke wanted to get out of a four-game contract to play the University of Louisville after one posterior-tenderizing loss (40-3 in September 2002). They agreed to pay cash ($150,000/yr) or help find a replacement of roughly equal quality. Then they failed to do either. Louisville sued.

To get out of all responsibility, Duke claimed they suck so badly at football that anyone would be a roughly equal replacement (or better). The judge had no choice but to agree.

Hey, David Cutcliffe, good luck over there. We look forward to you overturning this legal precedence with an even more unlikely outcome: a decent Duke football team.
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