Scotsman Rowdy Roddy Piper Likes The Scotch

It was about a year ago when video emerged of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper hitting the bong. (”That’s funny tasting tobacco, man.”) But, as he was battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma, everyone pretty much gave him a free pass. This time, I’m not sure though; is alcohol commonly prescribed in California to counteract loss of appetite?

Roddy Piper

Piper, born Roderick Toombs, was busted yesterday for DUI in Los Angeles. He was released on bond, and is due back in court later this month. No word on if he smashed a coconut over the arresting officer’s head.
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DUIs Are Totally Fine For Fox Sports Broadcasters

Good news, sports media! Since everyone’s learned their lessons from the Charles Barkley DUI (and it’s no longer in the news cycle), now you don’t have to worry about any bad publicity or discipline or anything if you drink and drive! That’s for lawyers to sort out!

Norm Nixon

(Public appearance or DUI mugshot? FSN doesn’t care!)

At least, that’s the lesson FOX SPORTS is sending with the case of Norm Nixon. According to the LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS, Nixon was popped for a DUI Monday night, since nothing says “rock star” like getting trashed on a Monday. Just 16 hours later, he was back on the air, providing pre- and post-game analysis of the Lakers. Two more days for FSN West to process the arrest, and… there’s Norm again! And oh, are they brazen about it. Read more…

Lawyer Milloy Celebrates Falcons Loss With DUI

While things went very well for the Atlanta Falcons in the first week of the NFL season, they learned yesterday that things change quite a bit when you’re not playing the Detroit Lions.   A week after quarterback Matt Ryan had an impressive NFL debut and Michael Turner ran all over, the Falcons were handed a big dose of reality with a 24-9 loss by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday.   The devastation was enough to lead at least one Falcon to drinking.

Lawyer Milloy was arrested early this morning for speeding and driving under the influence.

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