Being Fat, Drunk And A Lions Fan No Way To Live

With the Titans’ loss yesterday, there’s really only one NFL quest that matters - the Lions’ quest for The Imperfect Season. And despite some anxious early moments, Detroit held up their end of the bargain on Sunday, blowing a 17-point lead in falling to the Buccaneers 38-20. It was touch-and-go for awhile, but the Lions stayed on track and at 0-11 have five easily losable games remaining to reach their goal.

Drunk Detroit Lions fans

(Detroit’s REAL BIG three)

But while the Lions aren’t good, they certainly are entertaining, albeit in a “rubbernecking at a car crash” sort of way. But if the team is a car crash, their fans are apparently a 20-car pileup on the interstate. At least these three fat, drunk fans in the parking lot after the game were (and probably weighed as much as a few semis, as well.)

Fatty video melee after the jump.

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