U of WI Footballers Spend Food Money on Mopeds

It shouldn’t be that hard to find a misuse of university funds in a high-profile college athletics program. The rules are so arcane that entire compliance departments must be maintained to check about the number of text messages sent by the third assistant coach to a 16-year-old in Butte, MT, since Tuesday (and how the university can get around that limit).

University of Wisconsin mopeds

(Our money’s on the pink one)

On the other hand, we can also get stories about University of Wisconsin football players using room-and-board stipends to purchase a moped or two after they save money rooming together or learning to budget better. So we finally get college football players to learn a valuable life lesson and now we’re calling them on it?

Of course, maybe no one would have noticed if one of the mopeds hadn’t been used in the commission of a DUI. It’s truly reprehensible enough to drive a motor vehicle while inebriated, but a putt-putt motorcycle? And here we were trying to compliment you kids!

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