Ex-Razorback Runs Away From Fatal Car Accident

A lot of people finished off 2008 on a rocky run (Charles Barkley, anyone?), but few can compete with former Arkansas and Weathersford (Tex.) star running back Mark Pierce, who killed the driver of an oncoming car in a drunk driving accident and then ran from police on foot at the scene.

mark pierce arkansas

According to the FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM, Pierce had reportedly stolen a Chevrolet Trailblazer from his family’s home in Weatherford on Tuesday morning, when he collided with a van driven by Lance Shelter in south Fort Worth. Pierce was then encountered with two options: try and help the victim at the scene or leave on foot. He chose the latter. (Shelter had died instantly in the crash.)

Unfortunately for Pierce, it’s not so easy to make good time while running from police when you’re very, very drunk. Fast as he is, he was still apprehended less than an hour after fleeing. He was arrested for “suspicion of intoxicated manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid”, and it doesn’t seem like a stretch to say he’ll end up guilty on both those counts.

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Ex-RB Jamal Anderson Is One Drunken Dirty Bird

Some football dances stand the test of time: The Ickey Shuffle. Deion Sanders‘ high steps. Some don’t. Such is the legacy of former Atlanta Falcons back Jamal Anderson who popularized ‘The Dirty Bird’ during the 1998 Super Bowl season. Flash forward a decade and Anderson’s still around, but his dance is a mockery and things start to get depressing.

That’s Anderson, above, partying as is wont to happen in those classic Drunken Athlete photos. The story goes: “We ran into Jamal Anderson at a bar in Atlanta. He ended up buying us 8 rounds of shots and then passing out on the bar.” We come not to praise but to bury the Dirty Bird, after the jump.

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