Australian Race Fans Know How To Party In Style

Authorities are cracking down on rowdy racegoers going to this weekend’s Bathurst 1000, which is reportedly the biggest auto race in all of Australia. From now on, racing fans are limited to bringing one case of beer per person. Supposedly this “restriction” will allow fans to be merely “hammered” during the race rather than “epically-blitzed.”

Aussie ice cream van

(The ice cream van in happier times)

Police say they’re tired of drunk patrons firebombing port-a-potties, burning couches, and destroying ice-cream vans. Which leads to our next question: why are there a bunch of couches at a race track?

Fans aren’t taking any of this lying (face) down. Rumor has it that some who are distraught over the new rule might have sneaked onto the race grounds at night and buried extra cases in the ground. More lunacy after the jump.

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