Former Boxing Champ Homeless In Camden, NJ

Back in the day, Rocky Lockridge was a bad, bad man. At one point, he was 33-3 and holding the junior lightweight title after knocking out Roger Mayweather (Floyd Jr.’s uncle, if you were curious; video of that knockout is below). Things, however, went south in a hurry.

Rocky Lockridge homeless
(Once on top of the world, now… this.)

Lockridge has been found on the streets of Camden, New Jersey; he’s now 50 and homeless. In the least surprising detail in history, he’s abusing alcohol and drugs on a daily basis, something probably closely related to the fact that he’s also estranged from his wife and family. Not all hope is lost, however.

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Fatty Sidney Ponson Busted For Weight Loss Drug

One of the universe’s greatest unsolved mysteries, up there with quantum physics and the question of extraterrestrial life, is the continued employment of MLB “pitcher” Sidney Ponson. Ponson, a known menace and professional DUI-getter, has a career record of 90-106 and an ERA of just under 5.00. His mediocrity on the mound is only a small part of the tale, though. Ponson has been jettisoned from nearly every team he’s every played for (a total of seven teams) for being some combination of bad/fat/drunk/stupid/unlikeable. Yet, the man still has a job on a Major League roster (well, OK, Kansas City, but still).

Sidney Ponson

(There is a link on Ponson’s Wikipedia profile titled “Sidney Ponson Uncut.” I suggest you not click it.)

Even more confounding than his continued employment is the news that Ponson, who maybe weighed 250 lbs in middle school, tested positive for a WEIGHT-LOSS stimulant at the World Baseball Classic. Weight. Loss. Sidney. Ponson. Head asplode.

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Pro Baseball’s Dirty Little (Legal) Steroid Secret

Of all the absurdities related to baseball’s steroid problems, one of the biggest has been commissioner Bud Selig’s loud and frequent claims that baseball’s drug testing policies actually work. The cheerleaders of baseball point to high-profile busts like Manny Ramirez as evidence that steroids are being eliminated from the sport, and that Major League Baseball actually cares about keeping the playing field safe and level.

Dog steroids

(Los Angeles Dodgers OF Manny Ramirez)

All that carefully-cultivated image of propriety and progress came unraveled pretty quickly today, when YAHOO! SPORTS’ Jeff Passan pulled back the curtain on MLB’s steroid policy to reveal a gaping loophole in the policy and the dirty Congressional tricks that put it there.

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JC Romero Didn’t Know About 1-800-Drugs-Bad

J.C. Romero is currently pitching in the Phillies’ preseason camp in Clearwater, Fla. He’s getting in early preparation, but he’s going to have plenty of time to get ready for the season after his teammates have already started playing. Why? Because he’s due to serve a 50-game suspension as soon the season kicks off.

jc romero
(Why GNC, why!)

During the 2008 season, Romero tested positive for a banned substance. That’s not radical. What is stunning is his own defense, in which he says that the Phillies’ doctors cleared the supplements he bought from GNC and, to make matters worse, that he didn’t even realize Major League Baseball had set up a drug hotline for players to clear the supplements through. Romero’s blaming his suspension — which will cost him $1.3 million — on bad communication by MLB officials, and he may have a point.

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Michael Phelps Caught Hitting The Bong At Party

Guess all that needed fitness for past gold medals isn’t so important when the next Olympics is four years away, huh? How else can we explain 14-time gold medalist Michael Phelps toking hard on a bong right in the pages of of the London daily NEWS OF THE WORLD.

michael phelps bong

The photo leaves little to the imagination. Evidently Phelps likes his ganja, and he likes it in large quantities. He also must not have had any competitions planned for the next, oh, six weeks after this hit, because there was no way he’s passing a drug test before then.

“You could tell Michael had smoked before. He grabbed the bong and a lighter and knew exactly what to do. He looked just as natural with a bong in his hands as he does swimming in the pool. He was the gold medal winner of bong hits. Michael ended up getting a little paranoid, though, because before too long he looked like he was nervous and ran out of the place.”

The photo was reportedly taken in November, which means he could be clean by now. But there are plenty of quotes from reported party-goers that lead one to believe there’s no way he is.

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Man Takes Betting On Black Jack To A New High

Last week we gave you the story of a man attempting to make a down payment for the services of a hitman with NASCAR memorabilia, this week in the ludicrous alternative forms of currency file we bring you a man who decides to throw down a bag of marijuana as a bet at a black jack table.

Half Baked

Since this whole thing went down in a casino, home to more hidden cameras than a Patriots game, we have video evidence for your enjoyment.  Video via THE GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS after the jump.

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PEDs, Other Drugs Giving Cheerleaders A Boost

Per STEROID NATION, the STAR-NEWS (N.C.), alerts us to a book that examines the use of performance enhancing drugs in college cheerleading.


Author Lisa Torgovnick is a former contributor to JANE who now writes for the NEW YORK TIMES. She spent an entire season following cheerleaders in competition. While much of the book has to do with the boring documenting of cheer culture, it also reports on cheerleaders’ usage of PEDs. Read more…

Pettitte, Gagne, LoDuca All Kickin’ It With Mitch

Andy Pettitte, Paul LoDuca and Eric Gagne bailed out MSM outlets looking for copy fill today, as all three addressed the media over issues initially wrought by the Mitchell Report.

Media At Spring Training

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Andy Pettitte’s HGH Probe Just Joined Club Jenna

After last week’s report on Andy Pettitte using his dad to pick up his shipments of human growth hormone, the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS digs deeper and finds out that the Yankee hurler’s childhood friend, Kelly Blair, is the one whom Tom Pettitte got his son’s HGH from.

Jenna Jameson Preying Mantis Lingerie Bowl

More interesting though is how Pettittie’s sordid HGH acquisition story somehow involves Jenna Jameson, albeit indirectly.

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New Video: Berman’s Handy Drug Smuggling Tips

Brian Powell at AWFUL ANNOUNCING tips us off to the latest video posted on the stealth YouTube acccount featuring all those kooky Chris Berman videos.

Chris Berman Video On Drug Smuggling Tips

The just-posted clip shows Berman advising his Monday Night Football camera crew on how to smuggle drugs over the Canadian border. OK, it’s only juiced-up aspirin (called “222s”), but you have to wonder what he’s thinking saying that on camera. Even if he isn’t on the air.

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