Rashard Lewis Suspended 10 Games For ‘Roids?

In the realm of guys you’d expect to hear were busted for using steroids, objectively, you’d have to think a string bean like Rashard Lewis would be way down on the list. But here we are, apparently.

Rashard Lewis Gumby cut
(The NBA knew something was really up when they saw the Gumby cut.)

The ORLANDO SENTINEL is reporting that Lewis tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug today. So was it Manny’s female fertility drug or Michael Jackson’s Propafol and horse tranquilizers or something hardcore?

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Mayfield Finds NASCAR Drug Test Trouble. Again

You probably remember the saga of Jeremy Mayfield, his bizarre positive test for methamphetamines and the ensuing follies. As sublimely entertaining as it would be to put a tweaker behind the wheel of a car pushing 190 mph, it’s probably dangerous, and he was suspended despite repeated denials of drug use.

Jeremy Mayfield trophy
(He would later make a meth bong out of the trophy. Those exist, right?)

Perhaps a federal judge was swayed by Mayfield’s insistence that the positive test came from his Adderall prescription and other over-the-counter medication, or maybe he felt that an injunction was fair while the mess was sorted out, but either way, the courts temporarily lifted the suspension given to Mayfield as the lawsuits his team and NASCAR filed against each other were dealt with. Mayfield was free to race again, but was still subject to random drug testing by NASCAR. And that’s where the fun begins.

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Snowboarders Bummed Over New Drug Test Rules

Ever since the Michael Phelps incident there has been a lot of debate over whether or not we actually should care if athletes smoke pot occasionally. After all, it’s not exactly a performance enhancing drug, and the evidence that occasional use actually hinders anyone’s ability to achieve at a high level is spotty at best. But Phelps has brought it into the spotlight, and there will probably be increasing attention paid to athletes who choose to fire one up every once in a while.

Shaun White

(You really think this guy isn’t stoned all the time?)

Nowhere is a perceived crackdown on this more noteworthy than in the world of snowboarding, where it’s often assumed that the competitors are just high all the time. With the Olympics coming up next February, drug testing has begun, and it’s not exactly something that fits into their laid-back culture. After all the first gold medalist in Olympic snowboarding tested positive for pot the next day. Although, with the rules involved in testing, I’m not sure it fits into any culture, but you can judge for yourself if the demands are worth it.

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JC Romero Didn’t Know About 1-800-Drugs-Bad

J.C. Romero is currently pitching in the Phillies’ preseason camp in Clearwater, Fla. He’s getting in early preparation, but he’s going to have plenty of time to get ready for the season after his teammates have already started playing. Why? Because he’s due to serve a 50-game suspension as soon the season kicks off.

jc romero
(Why GNC, why!)

During the 2008 season, Romero tested positive for a banned substance. That’s not radical. What is stunning is his own defense, in which he says that the Phillies’ doctors cleared the supplements he bought from GNC and, to make matters worse, that he didn’t even realize Major League Baseball had set up a drug hotline for players to clear the supplements through. Romero’s blaming his suspension — which will cost him $1.3 million — on bad communication by MLB officials, and he may have a point.

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Study: Using HGH Isn’t All It’s Pumped Up To Be

It looks like Andy, Roger (& Debbie), and all those others named in the Mitchell Report may have done all that supposed needling for nothing.

Roger Clemens Andy Pettitte

MSNBC reports on a new study that reveals human growth hormone isn’t making athletes stronger, and in fact, it might be hurting performance.

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ARod Should Probably Just Keep Quiet Now

Lost in the odd remark yesterday that Alex Rodriguez made about his daughters marrying Andy Pettitte in order to laud the pitcher’s so-called truth telling about his HGH use was an assertion A-Rod made that he was tested for PEDs “9 or 10 times last season.” Problem is, that number of tests in one year is reserved for a first violation for use of a stimulant (which isn’t publicly announced).

Alex Rodriguez

So, per the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, Rodriguez has issued a clarification, saying he was exaggerating the number of tests in order to make a point.

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Pacers Not Told Of 3 Positive Drug Tests By Player

Bob Kravitz of the INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports today that Indiana Pacers center David Harrison has been suspended by the league for five games after his third positive test for marijuana.

David Harrison Indiana Pacers

The Pacers were more shocked than upset by the news, because the league never informed them on any positive drug tests by Harrison.

Pacers President Larry Bird said, “How are we supposed to get a guy the help he needs when we’re not told he’s tested positive?”

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