Sports Hinder Boys’ Good Habits, But Help Girls’?

It probably wouldn’t come as that much of a surprise that boys who play sports in high school were more likely than their non-sporting counterparts to engage in bad habits (full disclosure: football here, fightin’, no drankin’); after all, these were the meatheads of the class, the jackasses that ended up in jackass jobs like “policeman.”* We’re not saying athletes were in worse shape or anything - that’s clearly not the case - but that they binge drank and fought more often.

(Please, regard this only as an “outlier.”)

Ah, but the ladies? If the soccer fight from above is any indication, they’re getting as tossed as the guys and throwing more punches too, right? Only makes sense that that adrenaline gets pumping and takes up residence in their brain, right?

Well, no, wrong; young female athletes are less likely to engage in those activities, not more. See, you learned something today.

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Chicago Already Wary Of Jay Cutler’s Partying

No Bears quarterback has averaged 200 yards per game since Erik Kramer in 1997 (There’s no shame in having to Google Kramer). But Jay Cutler has averaged at least 200 ypg in each of his first three seasons, so it’s no surprise that he’s being treated in Chicago like the football messiah (not to be confused with the football Jesus, who plays for Minnesota).

Jay Cutler

So everyone who sees Cutler out in Downtown Chicago just has to buy him a drink, and Chicago’s front office is a little worried that he seems to be accepting more often than not. Heck, they even checked out his partying habits before they completed the trade. Are we really talking about the same team that just finished the Kyle Orton era?

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You Tee-Totaler! No Colt 45s For QB Colt McCoy

Nowhere is it written, we suppose, that a quarterback needs to know how to party. As a matter of fact, more often than not, it leads to trouble, or at the very least some embarrassment. There’s Vince Young, Ben Roethlisberger, Kyle Orton, and the ultimate tragedy behind center, Joe¬†Kane Joe Namath. At the same time, we have to wonder if a life ruled by sobriety is ever worth it; yes, this guy was a drinker, but these guys weren’t. We don’t see the harm in a cocktail or two. Or a hundred cocktails.

Lips That Touch Liquor
(Don’t worry, Colt, your options are still wide open.)

But then again, we’re (clearly) not quarterbacks of a top 5 football team, and Colt McCoy is, so we begrudge his tee-totaling instincts at our own peril. But still, if he doesn’t want to partake in the devil water, fine, but dude, learn to diversify your portfolio a bit: Read more…