Kimbo Now Reduced To Acting in Teen TV Movies

Poor Kimbo Slice. First, the MMA career goes in the tank after getting owned by Seth Petruzelli, and now his re-introduction to the world is going to come in the form of a TV movie. One that he agreed to do way back in August, when it still appeared as if he might be a legitimate fighter.

Kimbo Slice, thespian

So, those of you who just can’t get enough Kimbo can tune in this holiday season…to Nickelodeon. Kimbo has a guest-starring role in the film Drake and Josh: Best Christmas Ever. In it, he plays a con named “Bludge” who befriends Drake and Josh and helps them keep a promise to a foster family, or something. How heartwarming. Is “poor man’s Mr. T” what Kimbo has been aiming for all along?

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