Monkey Abuse Shames Japanese Wrestling World

Let’s be honest. When you hear that there’s a story involving A) Japanese wrestlers and B) a monkey, the immediate expectation is that there’s going to be all sorts of hilarious hijinks and that the monkey makes their lives more difficult by, like, hiding things and doing monkey laughs, and the wrestlers act all bewildered and overact like Japanese wrestlers so often do in the ring.

Rhesus Macaque
(This is a cute, non-abused macaque. We prefer to think of them like this.)

Um, not so; this is just some straight up animal abuse. Authorities are letting prosecutors decide whether to charge three current wrestlers and one former wrestler from the “Dragon Gate” wrestling group with violating animal protection laws. The investigation started with images of the abuse being posted online. While the picture isn’t brutally graphic - it’s not like the monkey’s dead or anything - it’s certainly unsettling enough that we’re keeping it below the fold. Proceed at your own risk.

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