Gumbel Says His Infomercials Were A Sham, Wow!

I’m not a gullible guy. I’ve never bought anything advertised on an infomercial because, come on, if it was so good, it wouldn’t be advertised only on Home and Garden TV at 4 a.m. But what would happen if those time shares in Boca were endorsed by Greg Gumbel? Sirs, here is a blank check. Write in any amount, and I will pay it.

Greg Gumbel and Bryant Gumbel

Greg, best known as the Gumbel brother who doesn’t hate “white people sports,” is suing a Florida-based company for tricking him into recording infomercials pitching everything from waste management companies to yoga videos. He should have known something was up when his script included the lines “not available in stores,” “call in the next 20 minutes,” and “you’re gonna love my nuts.”

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