Ta-Da! Game 1 Choke At Home Is Magic’s “Trick”

Time and time again, some unlucky player or team reminds us that no matter what the sport, it’s pretty much impossible to win if your two hands are clutching your throat. Today’s failboat crew: the Orlando Magic!

Happy Sixers
(If you’ve just hit the game-winning shot, you may frown at whomever you like.)

It’s not just that the Magic led through the entire second half; it’s that they led by 18 near the end of the third quarter, and Philly looked lost. But the Sixers climbed back, not with their regular cast of characters, but with guys like Lou Williams and the immortal Donyell Marshall. We’ve said for years that when you’ve got a guy that looks like Ludacris on the court, good things happen. Philly’s first lead of the second half came with just 2.2 seconds to go, when Andre Iguodala worked free from Hedo Turkoglu for a split second, just long enough to drain a long jumper in his face.

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WTF: ESPNer Apologizes For “Wife-Beater” Term?

Remember that hilarious video of Donyell Marshall forgetting his jersey last night for the Cavaliers? AWFUL ANNOUNCING has Stan Verrett of ESPN using the common slang term “wife beater” on SportsCenter to describe Marshall’s tank top undershirt during the highlights of the game.

Stan Verrett ESPN Wife Beater Apology

Shortly thereafter, Verrett apologized on-air for using the term, as it was “clearly a poor choice of words and I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have offended with that term and we meant no harm.

So Verrett has to apologize for saying “wife beater” on the air? What about Chris Berman, and his expletive-filled tirade that we enjoyed so much yesterday?

Oh, you say that was off-the-air. OK, well so was Dana Jacobson’s rant, and that was in the context of a Roast, which is all supposed to be off-the-record. So why does Jacobson get suspended and Everett get reprimanded (we’re assuming) but Berman skates (we’re also assuming)?

Bonus Coverage: Liddell Once Part of SB Security

• SPORTS ILLUSTRATED chats with Chuck Liddell about being a Super Bowl VIP. But the big guy has been to the Big Game before - as a security guard.

Chuck Liddell with ladies

• Meanwhile, ESPN’s HASHMARKS talks with NFL Films prez Steve Sabol, who remembers trying to sell a dozen seats to the first Super Bowl: “I was only able to sell two tickets for $6.”

• ODENIZED realizes Donyell Marshall hasn’t played in a while - but to hit the court without your jersey?

• THE MONEY SHOT is Sure they’re Right (Guard) with their selections of college basketball’s sweatiest coaches.

Chris Mottram of THE SPORTING BLOG learns that Larry Johnson’s not the only Chief with expensive tastes in jewelry, as Dwayne Bowe shows off his bling.

Dwayne Bow bling

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING thanks the Jimmy Kimmel Show for putting together a retrospective of Emmitt “Word” Smith.

• Clip ‘n’ save: Tom Hoffarth of INSIDE SOCAL runs down FOX’s Super Bowl Sunday schedule. (*Spoiler alert* - the festivities conclude with a very special episode of “House”.)

• LOSER WITH SOCKS uncovers a fashion faux pas among the Crimson Tide - Bear Bryant’s hat was not houndstooth.