Stephon Marbury Does Not Heart New York At All

Yesterday we learned about Brandon Marshall’s feelings for Denver and how he hates that “f***ing city“. Now today we learn of another disgruntled athlete and his lack of love for the place he had to play in the last few years.

Stephon Marbury will hit the free agent market today along with plenty of other NBA players, and though he’s not going to be as hot a commodity as most of the others he does have some advice for anybody considering the New York Knicks. That advice basically being to slap yourself in the face and think again.

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Marbury Still Not Playing, Now Won’t Be Paid For It

After throwing nearly $50 million away on Stephon Marbury, Eddy Curry, Jerome James and Malik Rose, who may combine to contribute only Rose’s garbage time minutes, the Knicks are finally making a sound business decision: they’re recouping their Marbury costs, one game at a time.

Stephon Marbury

Get your notepad ready, because a series of events this complex and asinine could only happen under James Dolan. First the Knicks told Marbury he wouldn’t play, but they’d still pay him. Then, shorthanded on Wednesday, they told Marbury he had to play, since they were paying him. He then refused to play, mad because they hadn’t been playing him. Now they’re refusing to pay for his refusal to play. Got all that? Now you’ve caught up on the last week of As the Garden Turns. (All this, plus Magic throwing Isiah under the bus, after the jump.)

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Isiah Thomas Taken To Hospital For Pill Overdose

WCBS and WABC in New York are reporting that Isiah Thomas has been taken to the hospital in White Plains, N.Y. with what is being described as a drug overdose. Thomas lives in the Westchester suburb of Harrison.

Isiah Thomas suit

Police responded to a 911 call from a cell phone that claimed Thomas had overdosed on sleeping pills. It is not known whether or not the overdose was intentional or accidental. Isiah was relieved of his duties as head coach and President of Basketball Operations for the Knicks back in April.

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Knicks Acquire New Team Mascot for Old Waste

We admit it: we’ve grown a bit old.  We feel the pull of nostalgia from our misspent youth and grow wistful when we see our old heroes’ paunches on television.  We try to resist wallowing in our past with so much awesome in the present, but we fall prey occasionally.

Patrick Ewing Jr.

Therefore, we felt badly when DJ Strawberry found himself a Rocket as he was casually tossed aside by the Phoenix Suns.  We just gained an opportunity to see many Suns games and were looking forward to seeing this young bulldog of a defender sink his teeth into the weak and infirm guards of the league.  Darryl’s boy made good, you know?

And then we heard the worst of it last night: Patrick Ewing’s kid has been named the official mascot of the New York Knicks.
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Knicks Ship Isiah To Europe for ‘Scouting Mission’

Now that he’s no longer their coach or president, yet still keeping him on their payroll, what do the Knicks do with Isiah Thomas? Well, shipping him off to Europe is a good start.

Isiah Thomas suit

Marc Berman of the NEW YORK POST dribbles up news that new Knicks prez Donnie Walsh has dispatched Isiah across the pond, reportedly for a scouting mission: Read more…

Former NYK Guards Make Up Walsh’s Short List?

The last we heard, Mark Jackson had expressed some interest in the recently opened Knicks head coaching job. And though he may be the top candidate, new Knicks president Donnie Walsh is saying that he’s got some other guys in mind as well.

walsh nolan

(I’ve made a huge mistake.)

Through the use of the world wide web, old media guides, and a little old-fashioned elbow grease, SPORTSbyBROOKS has unearthed Walsh’s other candidates: Read more…

Isiah Still On NYK Payroll But Barred From Players

Isiah Thomas has not been much of a coach. Or general manager. Or league owner. Or popcorn salesman. Or human being. Fair enough. Still, we don’t wish his current situation on anyone:

Isiah Thomas

By Donnie Walsh edict, Thomas isn’t allowed to have any contact with the Knicks players. No chatting, no eye contact, no sharing the same airspace. If he wants his checks, he’ll steer clear. And there’s plenty of checks left: he still has multiple years left on that contract at millions of dollars per.
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Mark Jackson Wants to Be Next Knicks Disaster

During yesterday’s awesomely fantastic, game-of-the-year-so-far Game 1 between the Suns and Spurs, former Knick Mark “YOU’RE BETTA THEN THAT” Jackson was asked for his thoughts on New York’s coaching vacancy.

mark jackson draft

Jackson responded, “As far as history, the New York Knicks are one of the most storied franchises in all of sports. That certainly is a job that is very intriguing.” Fellow commentator Jeff Van Gundy is all for it. Read more…

Jaguar Offers Girl To Cops; Daly’s Boob Massage

So, Charles Barkley, Stuart Scott & Mr. Belding walk into a bar

• Drunken Jaguars DB Brian Williams rants & raves & threatens arresting officers - then offers them to have sex with his date.

Brian Williams Jaguars sexy cop

• A pair of Portland State basketball players were accused of brutally beating a tour worker in Mexico.

• When out on the course nowadays, John Daly needs to have his nipples kneaded.

• Diners get medieval in trying to obtain Rashard Lewis’ autograph.

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Knicks Fans’ Long National Nightmare Is Half-Over

Good news, Knicks fans! Your problems are about to be half-solved! Donnie Walsh will soon be taking some of the strain off of Isiah Thomas.

Isiah Thomas Donnie Walsh

Howard Beck of the NEW YORK TIMES reports that the former Pacers exec will be named the team’s new president of basketball operations. A news conference is scheduled for 1 p.m. ET Wednesday to make the formal announcement.

However, don’t expect to see Zeke given the heave-ho from the Garden.

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