MLBPA Head Fehr Tries To Put Fear Into Reporters

It looks like the leak of David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez’s names as having tested positive for steroids back in 2003 is going to have consequences after all. Just not for the players, or for the person who leaked the sealed information. Instead, EDITOR & PUBLISHER says that the MLB Players Union is focusing its wrath on NEW YORK TIMES reporter Michael S. Schmidt, who broke the story on Ortiz and Ramirez’s positive drug tests.

Donald Fehr

(Donald Fehr might be retiring, but he’s taking people down with him.)

Union head Donald Fehr issued a statement on Friday saying that Schmidt and the New York Times had broken the law by reporting the leaked information, and that the MLBPA intends to take the appropriate legal steps to see that the court orders are enforced.” Which means that Schmidt might want to get a sitter for his cat, if the treatment of previous reporters breaking blockbuster baseball steroid stories is any indication.

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U.S. Open Finally Finished - Glover Gets The Win

• Your 2009 U.S. Open winner is someone not named Tiger Woods.

Lucas Glover

Mark Cuban would like ESPN to put together a blacklist of sports blogs.

• Did longtime NBA star-turned-Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson get a U.S. inspector general fired?

• Coming soon to delightfully dance on a collegiate sideline near you - the William & Mary Asparagus?

• Fed up with the whole Favre farce, Vikings coach Brad Childress escapes to Alaska with Andy Reid.

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Tears For Fehr: MLBPA Union Chief Steps Down

For the last quarter century, there’s been probably no greater figure in sports labor management than Donald Fehr, the head of the Major League Baseball Players’ Association and overseer of several momentous labor deals.

Donald Fehr
(Fehr, seen here at the Congressional steroid hearings admiring his outstanding ballpoint sketch of FDR proclaiming “The only thing we have to fear is Fehr himself.”)

As MLB.COM reports, though, the 60-year-old has decided to step down after 25 years at the helm of the MLBPA, however, citing an unwillingness to get involved in what promises to be yet another contentious collective bargaining agreement. Fortunately for us, however, he leaves us with one last opportunity for sophomoric jokes.  Read more…

MLBers In The Olympics? It Might Happen In 2016

Now that the whole “amateur” thing is completely out the window for Olympians, it’s now becoming only a matter of time before the American professional leagues begin releasing their athletes for competition. Well, except for football; we don’t think anyone from the NFL is going to the Olympics. Well, unless competitive eating becomes an Olympic event, in which case LenDale White can finally become the worldwide hero he was born to be.

Dan Duquette Needle
(I’m sorry, Imaginary Hypodermic Needle. I don’t think you’re wanted for this one. Go back to the clubhouse.)

So while the MLB isn’t in for the 2012 Olympics, the 2016 games in Chicago are another matter entirely. With Wrigley Field and the Cell right there in the city and the home stage (as well as seven years to negotiate with owners), according to BIG LEAGUE STEW, the MLB thinks now’s the time to kinda commit to bringing its athletes to the OlympicsRead more…

Reminds Us Of Selig And Fehr On McGwire, Bonds

David Lennon of NEWSDAY has this blog entry today from Mets Spring Training:

Just found out why Pedro (Martinez) was a little wild this morning. He was throwing with his eyes closed. Martinez actually threw 15 with his eyes shut and only missed with three. Not bad.

Pedro Martinez

Turns out it’s just another Rick Peterson mind trick. He does it with a number of the pitchers and they’ve bought into it. Score another one for Jedi mound master.

Last time baseball made news over eyes-wide-shut: Bud Selig and Don Fehr on MLB’s drug policy the past 15 years.

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