Reggie Jackson Undressed by MLB for the Spring

Sadly, Mr. October can no longer be Mr. March for the Yankees this year. Major League Baseball, still in a tizzy about the continuing ticklefest between the Yankees and Rays, has ordered Reggie Jackson to take off the Yankees pinstripes for the remainder of this season’s spring training games and fined Jackson the grand sum of $250.

Reggie Jackson making love on Billy Crystal

(Make love not war, Reggie)

Jackson claims to have only been wearing his Yankees windbreaker and cap when he stepped onto the field for the latest fracas, clearly confusing the uniform violation for jogging out during a flight just to show the old man’s still part of the team. The best part of his ‘explanation’, though? Don Zimmer did it, so I can, too.

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T.O. Loves The Ladies - Of U.S. Olympic Softball

Terrell Owens loves the sporting ladies - whether they’re hot Mexican TV reporters, or good ol’ American softball Olympians.

Terrell Owens olympic softball

Ryan Wilson of AOL FANHOUSE found the Cowboys receiver down in Florida taking in a gals’ game, as the U.S. team was on a pre-Beijing tour of the Sunshine State. Pitcher Cat Osterman noted that the team was so in awe, they weren’t even sure if it was him: Read more…