New NHL Rule Protects Players, But Not In Fights

The NHLPA’s primary job, after making as much money as possible, is to protect the safety of its players. So it’s no surprise that after an amateur hockey player died from head injuries suffered during a fight, they’d go to the mat for their members’ health. Hence today’s proposed rule change on hits to the head. Go ahead. Click the link. I’ll wait. Notice anything wrong?

Hockey Fight

A rule designed to protect players from blows to the head doesn’t apply to fighting. And no one sees any inherent contradictions here? You know the one time when opponents are specifically trying to deliver blows to the head? The time when they often don’t have helmets on to protect them? This rule’s not going to change any of that. But at least it’ll stop enforcers from getting concussions BEFORE it’s time to drop the gloves.

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Hockey Player Dies From Injuries Suffered In Fight

For those of you who bemoan the lack of “old time hockey” in today’s NHL as a code word for the crackdown on fighting (and I’m looking at you, Don Cherry), please read the following story: the HAMILTON SPECTATOR reports that Don Sanderson, a 21-year-old defenseman for the Whitby Dunlops of the Ontario Hockey Association has died from injuries suffered in an on-ice fight three weeks ago.

Don Sanderson

Sanderson, a rookie and student at York University, was fighting with Corey Fulton of the Brantford Blast during a game on Dec. 12 when his helmet came off. At the end of the fight, the two went tumbling, with Sanderson hitting his head on the hard ice below. He was unconscious for 30 seconds, briefly came to, and then lapsed into a coma from which he never recovered.

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