Former Washington Star Racks Up Sixth DUI Bust

In a week where it looks like Plaxico Burress might be soon catching passes from Michael Vick, it’s worth noting that NFL players with legal troubles are not a new phenomenon. Only the most diehard Lions fans remember Reggie Rogers, a promising DT taken seventh overall from Washington who was a month into his sophomore season when he drunken ran a red light and plowed into a car with three teenagers, killing them all.

Reggie Rogers

(Rogers [51] in better times)

The former Huskies standout was charged with DUI again yesterday, for a hit-and-run incident last week. According to arresting officers, Rogers was extremely intoxicated, telling one officer in Joe Namath-like moment he wanted to “give him a hug and kiss him.” He also repeatedly called one officer “Coach James,” a reference to former UW coach Don James. Sad. (But it gets sadder, after the jump.)

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