Force Sister Continues to Bring “Hot” to Hot Rods

• Racers on the hot rod circuit will have to deal with a new emerging (and enchanting) force - Ashley Force’s younger sister Courtney:

Courtney Force

• Everything is magical about Tom Brady - from his supermodel wife to his miraculously quick recovery from knee surgery.

Kimbo Slice is trying to get back into MMA the only way he knows how - through a UFC reality TV series.

• Justice Clarence Thomas knows how to keep football recruits committed to Nebraska - by speaking at their high school commencement.

• Remember to always take special care when celebrating your soccer team’s promotion on top of a bouncy Brazilian bus.

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Sharapova Shellacked By Slovak In Near-Shutout

After taking 10 months off to recover from shoulder surgery, tennis titaness Maria Sharapova looked as though she was back in form, scoring win after win in the early rounds of the French Open. However, it all unraveled at Roland Garros on Tuesday, as Maria’s run was cut short by a loss in the quarterfinals.

Maria Sharapova Dominika Cibulkova

But it wasn’t just a defeat, it was a near-embarrassment. Sharapova exited the Open by almost getting shut out - Maria didn’t win a game until she was already down 5-0 in the second set. Although she did score two game victories in a row, Sharapova still succumbed 6-0, 6-2.

So who was the opponent that made mincemeat out of Maria? And will there be pictures of her after the jump?

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