Top Giants Prospect Arrested For Murder in D.R.

The San Francisco Giants are right in the middle of the NL wild card chase heading into the season’s last two weeks, but one guy who apparently won’t ever help get them into the playoffs is Angel Villalona. The 19-year-old Dominican prospect was one of the top players in the Giants system, and received a then club-record $2.1 million bonus when he signed with the team as a 16-year-old in 2006.

Angel Villalona

Now, it’s being reported that Villalona is suspected of killing a man at a bar in the Dominican Republic last night. He turned himself into police today, and could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted (that’s the maximum?). Villalona played this season for the San Jose Giants, but was injured and not with the team when they won the California League championship last night.

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Is Charlie Villanueva’s Mother A Security Threat?

We really wish we’d known this going into the whole deal, but apparently, the FIBA Americas tournament going on down in Puerto Rico is seriously bad-blooded. That whole deal with Mexico and Uruguay* going Bobby Knight on each other? That wasn’t entirely an isolated incident, it appears.

Charlie Villanueva and mother
(How are you going to mess with this woman? Honestly, people.)

The latest incident wasn’t nearly as violent, but that’s only because cooler heads prevailed. The incident, after all, had the makings of the worst kind of fight: the one that participants take personally. After all, you do not mess with Charlie Villanueva’s mother. You. Just. Don’t.

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Jose Rijo: From Disgraced Nats’ Exec To Mayor?

Recall, if you will, the shame with which Jose Rijo resigned his post with the Washington Nationals just months ago. His Dominican Republic baseball academy collapsed amid allegations of skimming money from prospects’ contracts and a $1.4 million contract given to a player with a forged identity. Three word, summary: It. was. bad.

Jose Rijo interview
(”And the funny thing about it is, I don’t even speak a word of Dominican. I’m not even sure that’s a language. You don’t suppose that’ll come back to haunt me, do you?”)

But to say Rijo has rebounded is an exercise in understatement: He’s back down in the Dominican Republic and putting together what might be a career in politics. And lo and behold, his competition’s another familiar face.

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Week In Review: Philadelphia Sports Full Of Boobs

• Philly sports: Where there’s boobs at courtside & boobs in the front office.

Mary Carey Sixers LARGE

• Was Tonya Harding’s hit on Nancy Kerrigan somehow financed by George Steinbrenner?

• Would you like to carry ESPN Radio shows? That will be $100,000, please. And don’t try to offset the funds with a softcore porn bracket contest.

• Maybe women’s college basketball should acknowledge the lesbian fanbase. Otherwise, why even bother playing anymore?

• These lovely lady lumberjacks are a cut above other beauty pageant gals.

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Stars Who Were Cheerleaders; D.R. Done In WBC

• Always dreamed of Eva Longoria in a cheerleader’s outfit? Here you go!

Eva Longoria cheerleader

• The Dominican Republic gets dealt a death blow by the Dutch. And here’s the skipper who helped bounce Felipe Alou & Co. from the WBC.

• Q: What’s a life worth? A: The 17th pick in the 2nd round of the NHL Draft.

Dwight Freeney gets an offseason job as Dr. Phil’s limo driver.

• NFL backup QB Drew Olson loses golf tourney to a 14-year-old. Drew, don’t quit your day job.

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The Netherlands Upset The Dominican Republic?!

Yup, it just happened. Baseball finally has its single game of incredible significance. In a stunning upset — and yes, we realize the World Baseball Classic has no ramifications whatsoever – the Netherlands beat the high-powered Dominican Republic, 3-2, on Saturday in Puerto Rico. Yes, the Dutch beat the Dominicans. In baseball. We’re not making this up. Make no mistake, this isn’t Giants beating Patriots, this is Appalachian State knocking off Michigan.

gold member netherlands

(They’re going for the gooooold.)

Wondering which high powered names are on that Netherlands roster? Sidney Ponson, Randall Simon and … well, that’s about it. Really. It should be noted that neither of those guys has a current team, either. Need a bigger indication of just how slanted the talent was between these two teams? In the eighth inning, the Domincan Republic pinch ran with Jose Reyes, a perennial All-Star shortstop. In the ninth, the Netherlands brought up its clean-up hitter … who spent 2008 in A and AA.

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A-Rod Has Cyst & Hip Injury, Tries To Stall Surgery

Great, more A-Rod news. But this particular scoop is steroid-free. The New York Yankees slugger will reportedly go under the knife to have a cyst removed, and he may be out for as many as 10 weeks.

Alex Rodriguez butt

The NEW YORK TIMES passes along a report from ESPN DEPORTES (en espanol) that A-Rod has a cyst on his right hip and has elected to undergo surgery to get it out:

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Ex-Chisox Asst. GM Loses Job, Gay Club Venture

At one point, you might have called David Wilder a renaissance man. In addition to owning six homes and “Phoenix’s top gay bar,” he was also the White Sox senior director of player personnel, in charge of Latin American scouting. How did he do it? Very corruptly, apparently.

David Wilder

The White Sox fired Wilder, who reportedly also lost $570,000 on his gay club venture, after an MLB investigation into allegations he was pocketing signing bonus money meant for his prospects. At least five cases have surfaced so far, and MLB sources said Wilder skimmed $200,000 from those contracts. Yikes. And you thought when they finally solved all this steroid business, all the scandals would just go away?

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Yankees Join Firings in Baseball Kickback Scandal

If you were going to hide a story (especially a sports-related one), when might you make your move? Say, a Friday night? Check. August? Check. During the Olympics? Yahtzee.

In absolutely unrelated news, the New York Yankees canned their Latin American and Dominican Republic scouting directors being investigated for skimming off the top of bonuses for Dominican players. They join former White Sox and Red Sox officials shopping for jobs that don’t mind when you offer people bonuses but keep a huge chunk for yourself.

Pool boy

But hey, look at the Chinese! They’re doing all kinds of stuff! Over there! That’s bad! La la la.
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Ravens Cheerleaders In D.R. For Calendar Shoot

The Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders, easily the only thing worth liking about Baltimore, are down in Punta Cana working on their new calendar for 2008. And while they may not be doing it with an eye on the environment, they’ll still help me keep track of what month it is all the same.

Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders

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