Jayhawk-on-Jayhawk Violence Sends Player To ER

It’s a known fact that men will engage in any number of ridiculous behaviors on account of a woman. Well, straight men anyway, though I suspect the general sentiment holds true even for alternative sexual preferences. We’ll say the most ridiculous things (poems? really?), buy expensive crap, don stupid-looking clothes and try silly grooming products, among other things, all in an attempt to impress and woo the opposite sex.

Tyshawn Taylor

It’s all patently silly when you stop and think about it, but then when it comes to the opposite sex, thinking often takes a back seat to hormones and, um, more primal urges. That’s gotta be the explanation for why Kansas Jayhawks (basketball) guard Tyshawn Taylor ended up in the hospital last night at the hand of an as-yet-unnamed (we’ll get to that) Kansas Jayhawks football player. Lawrence is such a happy place, fellas. Can’t we all just get along?

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Brett Myers: “I Would Not Have Pitched at Fenway”

Most players have that stock answer ready when you ask them “so, who would you rather play in the next round of the playoffs?” It’s usually something along the lines of “we’ll take either team, we’re confident either way,” yadda yadda. Well, it seems nobody asked Brett Myers this question when the Phillies won the NLCS, because he definitely had a real opinion.

Brett Myers

In an astonishingly revealing interview published today, Myers says that he really, really didn’t want to play the Red Sox in the World Series,  and if they did, he was going to ask Charlie Manuel if it was OK that he not pitch at Fenway Park. You see, Boston is where Myers had his little domestic violence dust-up a couple of years ago, and the whole experience still has him shaken up. It’s just probably better not to announce it to the world, there, Brett. I’m sure opposing fans everywhere are going to take it easy on you from now on.

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Plaxico’s Home Life Hasn’t Been All That Great

Yesterday the news broke that the New York Giants had suspended their star receiver Plaxico Burress for two weeks (one game) after he didn’t show up for practice on Monday, and didn’t respond to the team’s phone calls.  Well, while the Giants won’t say exactly what Plaxico has told them in regards to his absence, it probably has something to do with his home life.

Over the last few months there have been a couple of domestic disturbance calls into local police at the Burress household.   Apparently he and the wife have had a couple of arguments.

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