Did Chris Brown Bring A Fake Rihanna To Game 5?

Hey, remember that whole thing with Chris Brown and Rihanna? No, not this Chris Brown; what do you think this is, a sports site? We’re referring to the two pop stars, one of whom rained a series of blows onto the other’s far more attractive face and body. Allegedly.

Chris Brown & fake Rihanna
(Evidently, that’s Teyana Taylor on the right, who sings “Google Me.” Make her dream come true, won’t you?)

The two of them were both invited to Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Thursday, and they both accepted. One slight problem; Rihanna didn’t join Brown, sitting on the opposite end of his row. Naturally, according to SINGERSROOM.COM, Brown’s only recourse for Game 5 was to find another girl, give her Rihanna’s hairstyle, and go to town. Err, the game. Which has enough people to comprise a town. Shut up.

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Baby Mama Says Cards’ Fitzgerald Beat Her Up

Sign #1 your relationship might not be guaranteed eternal wedded bliss: You’re a professional athlete and she’s a cheerleader. Sign #2: She files a paternity suit, and you demand a DNA test before you’ll pay any child support. And sign #3: You’re accused of pulling out her hair, and slamming her head against a marble floor.

Angela Nazario

That’s the charge brought against Larry Fitzgerald by the mother of his child, former Raiderette Angela Nazario. Nazario claims she brought their 11-month-old son to Fitzgerald’s Phoenix home for a visit, they started arguing. Let’s see how the plaintiff describes how a multimillionaire athlete calmly and maturely handles a disagreement, after the jump.

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Domestic Abuse Suit For Brian Giles Of All People

It’s never a good sign when a pro athlete is repeatedly referred to as “defendant.” But that’s where seemingly mild-mannered Brian Giles finds himself this morning, as the target of a lawsuit from his former girlfriend who alleges he beat her so severely she suffered a miscarriage.

Brian Giles

Via the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, Cheri Olvera is seeking $10 million from the Padres outfielder, with whom she lived for six years until they broke up earlier this year. The suit claims he failed to live up to an agreement to provide for her and her and her daughter, and recounts four separate incidents of domestic violence.

(Details after the jump.)

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