Cancer Doesn’t Exempt Kid From $1 ‘D-Rays’ Fine

You remember the story of high school varsity baseball player John Challis’s courageous battle with cancer and his base hit in a game. Great stuff. Since you’re an informed citizen of the universe, you also might remember when blogger David Pinto was fined one dollar by calling the Tampa Bay Rays the “Devil Rays,” their old name. Now what would happen if the two stories were to, well, collide?

Tampa Bay fine for saying Devil

BUGS AND CRANKS hooks video evidence of Erin Andrews reporting about the Rays inviting Challis to the Rays-Pirates game and meeting the team. During that memorable visit, Challis spoke at a press conference and slipped up, referring to the “Devil Rays,” a team that DOESN’T EXIST BECAUSE THEY CHANGED COLORS AND ARE GOOD NOW GGGGRAAAAAAAH. And yes, John Challis, the teenage boy with cancer, was fined one dollar for saying “Devil Rays.” Read more…