Mike Vick’s Life Was Torn And Tattered Long Ago

The rise and fall of Michael Vick has been covered in many ways by many different writers. Stories of Vick can generally be broken down into three distinct eras. Before Vick’s arrest and conviction on dogfighting charges, the stories about the Falcons QB were almost universally fawning and positive. After Vick’s arrest and up until a few months ago, the stories focused on Vick as villain and criminal - his dogfighting operation, his bankruptcy, and his life in federal prison. Recently, as Vick’s release from prison has drawn closer, the media has focused on Vick’s future: what will he do after prison? Will he ever make it back to the NFL? Will he ever pay his creditors? Will the American public ever forgive him? Will he end up a reality TV star?

Michael Vick's Life

Today, attorney and frequent ESPN commentator Lester Munson blew up the accepted three-act storyline of Vick’s life with an exhaustive account of the poor decisions and impending financial disaster that preceded Vick’s public disgracing. Dogfighting or no dogfighting, Michael Vick had been on a collision course with disaster for many years and ironically, Vick’s jail sentence may end up being the very thing that saves him.

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Vick In Talks With PETA On Anti-Dogfighting PSAs

Somehow, with every Michael Vick story that has come out over the past year, you had to know that this one was coming: AD AGE says that the disgraced former NFL star QB is in talks with PETA to become a spokesman for their organization, denouncing dog fighting and trying to steer others away from the dark path that ruined his life. Sort of a modern version of the Yul BrynnerI’m dead now, please don’t smoke” PSAs from the 1980s, but with more hair and more dogfighting.

Michael Vick chased by dog

Vick’s lawyers are working with PETA to make this happen. So as soon as Vick’s released from jail you can expect him to hit the ground running on the “I’m sorry I forced dogs to kill and maim each other” circuit - but this time with PETA’s blessing rather than hundreds of protesters at every stop. In fact, one of the executives at PETA thinks that, much like Smokey The Bear, only Michael Vick can prevent dogfighting.

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Michael Vick Surrenders To Authorities Before Dogfighting Sentencing

MIKE VICK STARTS JAIL TIME EVEN BEFORE SENTENCING: Michael Vick is taking the initiative, and putting himself in jail even before he’s officially sentenced:

Michael Vick

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the troubled Falcons QB surrendered to U.S. Marshals on Monday to begin serving time behind bars.Although his sentencing for dogfighting charges doesn’t occur until December 10, Vick believes he will have to end up serving jail time. And he hopes that the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll finish.

Vick & his lawyers point out that Vick was put in cuffs solely because he wants to begin his inevitable jail term, and “not because of violation of any condition of his bond.”

Michael Vick

And to maintain his role model image to black teens.