Michael Vick Will Work Construction After Prison

All that fitness built up through an NFL career is finally going to do Michael Vick some good. According to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, Vick already has a construction job lined up that will begin as soon as he is released from prison.

jackhammer guy

(Michael Vick’s $750,000 per year plan.)

That’s right, a man who was the face of an NFL franchise and arguably an entire city just two years ago is now going to be standing on a jackhammer for a living, because of dogfighting and a crippling bankruptcy case that has left him with little hope of paying back the $11.1 million he owes the Falcons ($6.5 million) and a former agent ($4.6 million). Instead, the best he can hope for is 40 hours a week of hard labor, at least until the NFL agrees to reinstate him.

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Pit Bull Expert Porter Backs Vick Reinstatement

If Michael Vick is looking for character witnesses as he heads towards his release from prison and possible reinstatement, he can count on Joey Porter to have his back. Which is great, if you think having a big-mouth lout who cold-cocks people at blackjack tables on your side is a good thing. Regardless, Porter told the MIAMI HERALD that he definitely thinks Vick should be allowed back into the league.

Joey Porter with his pit bulls

After all, it was just pit bulls that he was training to maul each other:

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Michael Vick Makes Cameo On McDonald’s Promo

It’s a pretty simple rule in the world of advertising: When your spokesman is convicted of a brutal crime - say, managing a dog fighting ring - you go ahead and pull your ads with him in them. The goal of such a move is to, you know, not associate your product with nefarious criminal activities. Well, it looks like the folks over at McDonald’s must have missed that class.

McDonald's Promotion

(Someone didn’t get the memo)

TMZ is reporting that one of their “news gatherers” happened upon the above Michael Vick-featured promotion yesterday while ordering a Happy Meal. And while the promotion is from 2004 - it’s not like they started a whole new campaign after Vick was convicted - it is a bit off-putting. It’s kind of like walking into a Hertz and still seeing an old cutout of O.J. Simpson giving the thumbs up; you’d probably want to take your business elsewhere.

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