Beagle Numero Uno For Westminster Best In Show

The NEW YORK TIMES fetches news that Uno was named Westminster’s best in show on Tuesday night, becoming the first beagle to claim that title.

Uno the beagle wins Westminster's Best in Show

Uno, known professionally as Ch. K-Run’s Park Me In First, was a favorite of the Madison Square Garden crowd, receiving “thunderous applause” during his entrance. USA Network analyst David Frei commented about Uno’s reception, “That was the loudest I’ve heard it in 19 years.” Read more…

Puppy Bowl IV Fetches Record Number of Viewers

Fox wasn’t the only big ratings winner on Sunday. MULTICHANNEL NEWS reports that Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl” also fetched record numbers of viewers.

Puppy Bowl

Over 8 million pet-lovers tuned in to the 12-hour marathon, watching cute li’l doggies run around a small specially-made field while chewing on toys, referee dolls, and each other. Viewership was up 35% from last year’s telecast, as this season’s Bowl was the first to be shown in HD.

With those kind of numbers, maybe Gary Bettman should re-think his deal with Versus.

Deeds That Won’t Earn You A Trip To Leavenworth

The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE writes up about Raiders player Jarrod Cooper - who could be seen as the anti-Michael Vick.

Raiders' Jarrod Cooper with dog

Cooper has been volunteering at the Oakland Animal Shelter, helping care for abused animals. Since he’s with the Raiders, you’d assume his visits were part of some mandated community service. But Cooper comes on his own accord, as a animal lover who wants to do his part for our four-legged friends.

And it was steroids that brought him to his dogged work.

Read more…

Maria Sharapova’s Love Life Going To The Dogs

The NATIONAL POST gets a good idea of what Maria Sharapova is looking for in a potential soulmate.

Maria Sharapova dog

During an interview with the German edition of VANITY FAIR, the Aussie Open champ admitted: “If I ever love a man as much as my dog, the guy will have a real problem, because I am all over that dog.”

Maria Sharapova bikini torso

We believe most guys would love to contend with such a problem.

Sadly, it looks like Michael Vick just lost his own shot.

Hungry Dog Chows Down On Super Bowl Tickets

Dogs can have quite the active appetite for sports. When they’re not eating World Series-clinching baseballs, they’re chewing up Super Bowl tickets.

Dog chews up Super Bowl tickets

BUSTED COVERAGE alerts us to an ARIZONA REPUBLIC story of a black lab named Buddy, who gnawed on the stubs for next week’s big game.

Buddy’s owner had requested that the courier sending the $900 seats leave the envelope underneath his doormat. Instead, the package was slid under the front door, where Buddy was waiting. He “licked, mauled, chewed and swallowed portions of the coveted tickets.”

We believe the ticket-shredding Rev. Walter Hermanns has found a new pet. But don’t totally blame Buddy for his expensive snack - maybe he thought Michael Vick was playing.

Blog-A-Roni: MLS Players Like Puppies & James Blunt

• 100% INJURY RATE knows it’s hard to think of soccer players as tough, when they spend their locker room time playing with puppies and singing along to James Blunt:


• JEN’S FREE THROWS zeros in on word that Gilbert Arenas is nacho ordinary NBA star.• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT knows it’s not safe to get between a mother Jeter and her tax-avoiding young.

• JOE SPORTS FAN takes a seat, as sideline reporters and couches don’t mix:

• STEROID NATION finds stories about Barry Bonds’ personal doctor very interes-Ting.• BIG TEN TAILGATE scans the globe for signs of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. Latest stop: Machu Picchu.

• DC SPORTS BOG knows nothing cheers up an NHLer like a Springsteen concert & a visit to the Swedish Embassy:

Swedish fans

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS discovers one site that’s not giving up on doomed UCLA coach Karl Dorrell.• VEGAS WATCH argues with the argument of David Ortiz for AL MVP.

Falcons Player Not Named Michael Vick Cleared of Animal Cruelty Charges

FALCONS PLAYER CLEARED OF ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES: An Atlanta Falcons player has been cleared of animal abuse charges. As the folks at Fark would say, “No, not *that* guy, the other guy.”

Jonathan Babineaux Falcons

ESPN reports that Jonathan Babineaux is now off the hook for killing his girlfriend’s dog. The Gwinnett County DA dropped the charges following an investigation into the pit bull’s death.Babineaux was arrested in February after police found the dog in “severe physical distress“. The defensive lineman said he was acting in self-defense for himself and his 5-month-old child.

The investigation confirmed that the pit bull had a history of unprovoked attacks, even as the dog had been neutered, put on prozac, sent to a trainer, and kept on a leash.

Michael Vick holding dog

We’re sure some of Babineaux’s teammates could have taken care of the meddlesome mutt.