Paul Pierce Video: “We Ain’t Coming Back To L.A.”

After sweeping the first two games of the Eastern Conference Finals at Orlando, Paul Pierce addressed Boston fans during a live postgame interview as part of the Game 2 telecast on May 18. Pierce said, “we’re coming home to close it out.

(Video via ABC/ESPN television)

Moments later Pierce could be heard on the same telecast telling Magic fans as he walked back to the locker room, “see ya’ll next year.

Pierce’s comments were less than prophetic, as the Magic managed to force the series back to Florida with a Game 4 victory in Boston. Orlando then defeated Pierce’s Celtics in Game 5 before the C’s took the series 4-2 with a Game 6 victory in Boston.

Pierce blessed us with similar histrionics Sunday night in the waning moments of the Celtics’ Game 2 win against the Lakers in Los Angeles. Read more…

Rivers Hid $2,600 In Staples Ceiling For 4 Months

Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo Sports freshens us up on the motivational techniques of Boston Celtics Coach Doc Rivers.

Doc Rivers Hid $2,600 Dollars In Ceiling At Staples Center

(Nah ‘Toine, It’s Gone)

Following a win over the Lakers last February, Celtics coach Doc Rivers demanded $100 each from Boston’s players, coaching staff, and even team managers. He stuffed the dough in an envelope, and told his team — his entire traveling organization, really — that they can have the money back the next time they play the Lakers inside the Staples Center.

Of course, that was the only regular season game for the Celtics at Staples Center this season so reaching the NBA Finals was the only way the C’s would see the money. Read more…

Magic Fan Speaks After Altercation With NBA Ref

Tuesday night a Magic fan named Franz Hanning was caught on video heckling longtime NBA referee Joe DeRosa at halftime of the Eastern Conference Finals game between Orlando and the Boston Celtics at Orlando’s Amway Arena.

Orlando Magic Fan Franz Hanning And NBA Referee Joe DeRosa

While Hanning was shouting at DeRosa from behind the halfcourt scorer’s table, the referee shocked the fan by tossing him a basketball. Hanning then immediately, softly tossed the ball back to the referee.

After receiving the ball from Hanning, DeRosa signaled arena security to descend on Hanning as the ref went to the locker room for halftime. Hanning was then reportedly “relocated” to another seat. (It’s not known what DeRosa’s intent was in calling for police to handle the situation.)

The incident is a big story in Orlando today, with local media outlets seeking comment from the NBA and Hanning on the situation. While the league this afternoon would only confirm that it is continuing to “review” the situation, Hanning has released a statement about the incident. A statement which might surprise you.

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Donaghy: Rivers ‘questioned’ Ref’s Sex Preference

Sunday night disgraced former NBA referee Tim Donaghy appeared on a podcast hosted by Celtics bloggers Nick Gelso and Brandon Paul on

Doc Rivers Bill Kennedy

During his two-hour guest appearance, Donaghy was asked the following:

One of the referees I’ve been annoyed with over the years is Bill Kennedy, every time he has a Celtics game I almost know that we’re not getting calls. Is his relationships with Doc Rivers or the Celtics organization as a whole something you know about.

Donaghy’s response to the question was unexpected, to say the least.

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Celtics’ Kevin Garnett Could Miss Entire Playoffs

Well, so much for a repeat. According to Boston media sources, Celtics Coach Doc Rivers told WEEI radio this morning (via the ASSOCIATED PRESS) that star forward Kevin Garnett isn’t going to be ready for the team’s first round series with the Chicago Bulls. In fact, Rivers is saying that smart money has Garnett missing the entire playoffs.

Kevin Garnett kissing Celtics center court

(This scene won’t be reenacted this spring.)

That sounds you hear is that confident bubble of pride surrounding the city of Boston bursting — and the city of Cleveland rejoicing — all at once.

“He’s not going to be ready. After watching him practice, there’s no way,” Rivers said. “The way I saw him move today, I don’t know if he’ll be ready.” 

The Celtics are still a playoff caliber team without Garnett, but they’re certainly not a squad capable of defending an NBA title. In fact, missing Garnett is precisely the kind of blow that will convince the young Bulls that they can actually steal this first round series if they get lucky with a win in Games 1 or 2. After Garnett went back on the shelf in April, the Celtics still won 10 of 11 games down the stretch. Yet there’s a substantive difference between winning regular season games against teams that may or may not have a postseason future, and winning playoff games against the likes of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

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NBA, WBC Officials Still More Important Than Us

Sometimes, when we have exciting exhibition baseball games or tight NBA contests, we worry that we’re too focused on winning and losing or on a particular team. We fear we’re losing sight of the most important element of sports: the umpires and referees. Thankfully, two brave men reminded us that we care about the events on the field of play because of them.

First, NBA ref Bill Kennedy established his author-i-tah by ejecting Doc Rivers with less than a minute left in a two-possession game against the Bulls apparently because Rivers wouldn’t turn and face him like a man and actually walked away from confrontation.

Bill Kennedy, Hunter Wendelstedt, and Cartman

We believe the first technical in the third quarter was for sneezing without covering his mouth, though we can’t verify. Tommy Heinsohn and Boston bloggers took it as well as they could.

Then Kenji Johjima was sent packing by the Tossin’ Wendelstedts (youngun’ edition) for leaving his bat at home plate mid-inning after a questionable strike three (and does Hunter know any other kind?). Hunter waited for Kenji to return to the dugout, pointed at the bat a few times like a disappointed paternal figure, and then tossed him casually. Midseason form.

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Doc Rivers’ Son Commits To Florida 3 Years Early

Austin Rivers, son of Celtics coach Doc Rivers, is quite the basketball standout of the Orlando area. So it should please many Gator fans in and around central Florida that the Winter Park product has announced his intentions to play for Billy Donovan’s squad.

Austin Rivers Billy Donovan

But Austin will have to wait a few years before packing his alligator bags for Gainesville - he just finished his freshman year of high school.

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Bloggers vs. MSM: Quiz Bowl Is The Only Solution

• Inspired by very special “Saved By The Bell” episode, Clay Travis of CBS SPORTS suggest sports bloggers & the mainstream media end their feud once & for all with a quiz bowl showdown.

Buzz Bissinger Will Leitch Saved By The Bell

(Buzz Bissinger & Will Leitch butt heads in a Battle of Brawny Brains! With special guest referee - Mr. Belding! [OK, maybe not.])

• THE 700 LEVEL proudly presents pics of “The People’s Champ” Freddie Mitchell living it up royally among some female subjects.

Tom Ziller of AOL FANHOUSE is happy to share all the things Doc Rivers did wrong in Game 3.

• HOME RUN DERBY is so bored with the San Francisco Giants, they’d rather spend their time at AT&T Park watching the wind try to tip over a full beer.

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Blog-O-Rama: Becks Has Trouble With The Bottle

• THE SPOILER discovers that David Beckham has a drinking problem:

David Beckham drinking problem

• DC SPORTS BOG takes in the sight & sounds of Santana Moss’ birthday extravaganza.

• DEADSPIN reports from the battlefront that Red China is facing a new invasion - by the Red Sox Nation.

• BIG LEAGUE STEW is sad to see the passing of Bo Diddley, co-star of one of the bestest sports commercials ever.

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Rip Has ESPN’s Diaper-Changing Performance

KING CARTOONS has this wonderful graphic recently provided by ESPN detailing a performance by Rip Hamilton:

Flomax Rip Hamilton

(Oh, did we mention, it’s SPONSORED BY FLOMAX)

Game changer? We were actually thinking more along the lines of diaper changer. Those cubicled kids at ESPN need to cook up some graphics for Red Kerr and Heinsohn if they really want market penetration.

Speaking of unwitting endorsers, Mark Murphy of the BOSTON HERALD reports on the pill popper Dr. Feelgood of the Boston Celtics: Coach Doc Rivers. Read more…