Chamberlain’s Old Mansion Still Uniquely His Own

First of all, an aside - has it really been a decade since Wilt Chamberlain passed away? Really. Damn. 10 years and a day. Luckily, just as Chamberlain seemed larger than life, so too do many of his accomplishments stand longer than his life. What’s that? Oh, we’re talking about basketball, of course. You… you’re not still thinking about the tens of thousands of women he conquered, are you?

WIlt Chamberlain House
(Doesn’t it kind of look like two people doing it? No? Okay, we’re stretching on that one.)

Well, just as the record books focus on his on-court activities, his old house still stands as a monument to his off-court persona. It’s not all the same, of course, but even the current owner - a Russian transplant who had never even heard of Chamberlain - still preserving some details of the house in honor of the most prolific ladyslayer of our time.

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