Claim: D-Wade Staged ‘Sex Parties’, Smoked Weed

Dwyane Wade, who has experienced his share of personal public relations disasters of late, had another bomb dropped on him this week by the PALM BEACH POST.

Dwyane Wade with mom Jolinda

(Oh, how the mighty Father of the Year has fallen.)

In a story published on the PBP’s gossip site PAGE 2 LIVE, Jose Lambiet reports that a former business partner of Wade is accusing the married NBAer of hosting wild “sex parties”, smoking marijuana and botching numerous business deals.

Richard Von Houtman claims he provided a condo to Wade that the Miami Heat star soon turned into a personal party bungalow. Wade and his friends held numerous gatherings there, which featured sex with random women and marijuana use. Van Houtman said he twice saw Wade smoking a joint in the house but wasn’t in attendance for the orgies that Wade allegedly helped arrange.

“They (Wade and childhood friend Marcus Andrews) both made it clear to me how their goal in life is to have sex with as many women as possible,” Von Houtman said.

Ugly allegations for a guy who is currently damage-controlling a divorce settlement.

So if Wade is such a bad guy, why did Van Houtman develop a close relationship with him?

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Torres’ Ex Not Enchanted By Her Feel-Good Story

Olympic swimmer Dara Torres has been the feel-good story of qualifying so far, making her fifth Olympics at the age of 41 in a sport favoring those in their teens and twenties. But there’s one person who’s not particularly interested or enthralled by her remarkable feat: her ex-husband.

Dara Torres

The PALM BEACH POST caught up with West Palm surgeon Itzhak Shasha, and he sounds just a little peeved even answering the most basic questions about his ex-wife.

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Rodriguez Brings Boras In As Marriage Counselor

When times get tough, you have to turn to someone you can trust. With the New York papers all over his marital discord, Alex Rodriguez has turned to an old familiar face to try and help smooth things over with wife Cynthia either towards a reconciliation (ha!) or, more likely, an attempt to keep the split a little more quiet. His former agent Scott Boras met with the unhappy couple in Toronto over the weekend.

A-Rod and Scott Boras

According to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, the superagent brokered the meeting (which allowed A-Rod to see his 3-year old daughter for the first time in weeks) and may even have met one-on-one with Cynthia.

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Former Stripper Dishes Dirt On A-Rod Relationship

Now that Alex Rodriguez‘ wife Cynthia has filed for divorce amid claims of infidelity, other women are starting to speak up. Madonna says there’s nothing going on between her and A-Rod, but former stripper Candice Houlihan says she and Alex were getting it on.

Alex Rodriguez is hit by pitch

Houlihan claims to have met the slugger four years ago at Fenway Park, the same night Rodriguez and Jason Varitek got in a fight. Read more…

Tony Bruno’s Alimony Keeping Him Off The Air?

I have a hard time feeling sorry for famous people. It usually makes me break out in a rash and induces vomiting. But anybody that’s going to lose 75 out of every dollar he earns deserves a bit of sympathy.

Tony Bruno Divorce

Such is the plight of noted sports jock Tony Bruno, who has chirped on the airwaves of ESPN and FOX SPORTS, who implied in a recent interview that part of his decision to remain unemployed was based on a $12,000 monthly alimony payment he’d be making to his ex-wife. Read more…

Blog-A-Roni: Padres Owner’s Divorce Cost $375M

• You think Shaq has it rough: The SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE reports that a divorce could cost Padres owner John Moores almost $375 million.

San Diego Padres mascot

• Even in the off-season, CATS AND BEER can’t get enough of Tebow, Tebow, Tebow!

• FAN IQ Joe Montana’s not the only sullen Super Bowl-winning QB to shun attention, as Doug Williams gets mad at an autograph seeker.

Eli Manning tells David Letterman why Bill Belichick left the Big Game a few seconds early: “Trying to beat traffic, I guess.”

• “PTI” aren’t the only ones that need proofreaders, as BALLSIEST roots for Duke’s “Gerg Paulus“.

Gerg Paulus misspelling

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Latest: Shaquille Leaving On A (Private) Jet Plane

The EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE updates the latest on Shaq’s saunter to the Suns. O’Neal is expected to arrive in Phoenix early Wednesday morning by way of his private jet, and will head straight to his physical.

Shaq China

If Shaq Diesel’s tune-up goes as planned, Shawn Marion & Marcus Banks are off to South Beach to join the Heat.

Even if the deal goes through, O’Neal might not hit the court right away, as he’s been out the past six games with injuries. But as the Tribune points out, “he might have missed the games more out of a lack of interest than any truly debilitating problems.”

When your team’s 9-37 & you’re going through a costly divorce, it’s hard to pay much attention. But if the Big Aristotle is really relocating to the Valley of the Sun, he might want to step up efforts to sell his Star Island abode - no thanks to A-Rod.

Divorce Docs: Shaq’s $1,500 Monthly Cable Bill

Shaq Fat Kid

PAST DEADLINE has the only details from the Shaq-Shaunie divorce case that we really care about: The Big Crispy’s bizarre monthly expenditures.

The site reports that the TV show EXTRA sifted through some of the recent legal documents regarding the couple’s divorce case (fun internship, eh?), and found that “O’Neal made almost $2 million a month. But before your jaw drops, keep in mind that Shaq had a lot of expenses, as well. According to the affidavit he spent $22,000 a month for maid service …. his monthly clothing expenditure is $17,000 … his monthly vacations cost $110,000 and his monthly gasoline bill is $23,000 (that works out to about 6,000 gallons of gas, or about 200 gallons a day).

But Shaq’s $1,500 monthly on demand porn cable bill is our favorite insane indulgence. We wonder if that kind of jack gets the 8-hour installation time window cut down to say, six.

Wife Of Lute Olson Speaks About Divorce Decision

OLSON MOVES OUT; WIFE RELEASES DIVORCE STATEMENT: Earlier we reported how Lute Olson’s absence from Arizona was due to divorce proceedings. Now the ASSOCIATED PRESS hears from the Wildcat coach’s wife.

Gordon James, a spokesman for Christine Olson, released this statement about the estranged situation: “Our family has been struggling through a difficult and private matter for some months now. It was our hope that during my husband’s temporary leave of absence, we would be able to focus on our family and successfully address this matter.

Lute & Christine Olson

“Unfortunately, it seems that my husband has reached a decision that he is unable to continue our relationship together during this difficult time. While I am personally devastated, I remain committed to my marriage and will continue to support my husband through this difficult time in his life. I have nothing but love and respect for him.”

Meanwhile, Lute’s lawyer, Leonard Karp, has stated, “The marriage has been irretrievably broken with no reasonable prospect of reconciliation.”

James said Christine was informed of the divorce filing Thursday night. He also reports that Lute has moved out of the family’s house.

Arizona Basketball Coach Lute Olson Filing For Divorce

OLSON KEPT AWAY FROM ‘CATS BY MARRIAGE PROBLEMS: Now we know what ‘family issues’ have kept Lute Olson away from his team this season - marital issues:

Lute Christine Olson

The TUCSON CITIZEN reports the Arizona coach is trading the basketball court for the divorce court, as Olson has filed for a split from his wife Christine.Olson married the former Ms. Toretti in April 2003 in Las Vegas, two years after Lute’s first wife, Bobbi, succumbed to ovarian cancer.

A spokesman said Christine is scheduled to make a statement in New York Friday evening about the matter, while Lute has no immediate plans to comment.

University president Robert Shelton isn’t appearing to take sides on the split-up, saying, “They’re both good people and I wish them well.”