Cyclist Hit By Car, Goes To Velodrome In The Sky

When it came to distance riding on a bicycle, Ian Hibell made Lance Armstrong look like a wimp. Winning Tour de Frances by riding 120 miles a day for two weeks might seem like hellish torture for most couch potatoes, but for Hibell, that was simply a warm up. Let’s see Armstrong ride his bike from Alaska to the tip of Cape Horn. Or ride his bike the equivalent of ten times around the Equator in his lifetime. And all without a hint of the use of performance-enhancing drugs for the Brit, other than perhaps some tea.

Ian Hibell

Throughout Hibell’s journeys, he had cheated death, having been shot at, attacked by lions, and faced hunger, dehydration and exposure. But as THE TIMES reports, the one thing that he couldn’t avoid: idiots racing their cars.

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