Arizona State Apparently OK With Sex Offenders

Arizona State doesn’t exactly have the highest moral standards — hey, they hired a thrice-violating Dennis Erickson to coach their football team — but they’ve never been accused of covering up something they handled incorrectly. Well, start those sirens now, because the Tempe school has agreed to a settlement to keep a woman who was raped by an ASU football player quiet.

dirk koetter

(This man not only got a rapist re-instated, he defended him again and again.)

Worse yet, it’s been revealed that the player who raped the victim in a dorm had already been suspended once for inappropriate sexual comments, touching and exposing himself … and when he was allowed back into school, he immediately began playing for the football team again. It was as if nothing had happened. Even worse, after he was finally kicked out of school, his former coach helped him land at a new place to play: Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

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