Another Sad Day For The Guys Who Hate Bloggers

Last Friday, buried in the business section of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, we found out that longtime Tribune “basketball expertSam Smith was “among 25 veteran Chicago Tribune writers and editors to take voluntary buyouts.

Bob Costas Sam Smith

Mr. Smith, of course, is a dear friend on bloggers everywhere, and will be sorely missed. Sadly, we’ll now have to check Smith off the list of a seemingly growing number of dinosaur media types who have lashed out at folks like us over the past year. Read more…

The Dinosaur Media Do Indeed Eat Their Young

In the aftermath of UCLA’s reluctant hiring of slick Rick Neuheisel, T.J. Simers of the L.A. TIMES notes that earlier this month, the LAT’s UCLA beat writer Chris Foster reported “Former Washington and Colorado coach Rick Neuheisel will not be considered for the job, according to one of the sources.KLAC Roggin Simers Squared

It’s a little surprising to see Simers so willing to embarrass a fellow dinosaur media member. But then again, we are talking about a man who was blown out as morning host on KLAC-AM in Los Angeles earlier this year after being exposed as the insufferable, petulant narcissist that he is.

In the same piece about Neuheisel, Simers next turns his bile-spewing hose on Times UCLA blogger Rich Perelman, who Simers records “was reporting a different story at the same time, quoting a ‘credible source’ who was telling him ‘that UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero took a flight to San Francisco for the purpose of speaking with Oregon State coach Mike Riley [Saturday] morning about the UCLA head coaching position.’ That must have been one terrible interview, or a credible source now lacking only one thing — credibility.

After an afternoon of cannibalizing his Tribune Co. cohorts, Simers then sprays UCLA over school Chancellor Gene Block’s press release on the UCLA football coach hire: “I’m pleased to welcome Rick Neuheisal back into the UCLA family . . .

Simers: “The UCLA family later sent out a correction — spelling Neuheisel’s name correctly.”

T.J. Simers Tracy Simers

Yes, the UCLA family can be rather dysfunctional. And after listening to Simers and his daughter Tracy on their ill-fated KLAC morning show, it’s obvious no one has family dysfunction drilled down better than T.J..