Cardinals, Steelers to Tangle in Tampa For SB XLIII

• NFL Conference Championship weekend in review: The Cardinals soar over the Eagles, while the Steelers pluck the Ravens.

Cardinals Eagles Steelers Ravens

• But who cares about this year’s Big Game when you can already bet on next year’s?

Rex Ryan is your next Jets coach to be fired after a few seasons.

• The Red Sox are spending money on everything else - why not snatch up a fickle fan’s loyalty, too?

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Clever Caption Contest: Diggin’ That Didgeridoo!

Hey there, readers! What a wild weekend, eh? The Cardinals are flying to their first Super Bowl ever, while the Steelers are going for the Big Game six-pack. As such, you’d think today’s SbB Clever Caption Contest would be capturing a conference championship moment.

That would have been the case, until we came across this shot of Chilean tennis player Fernando Gonzalez wrapping his lips around a didgeridoo:

Fernando Gonzalez didgeridoo

Or that’s what the official press release says. But we all know there’s just gotta be a better explanation for this. So, submit your suggestions into the comments section linked below. Winner will be announced in the end-of-the-day recap.

And for those who think we’re giving tennis a little too much attention, may I reply with Viktoriya Kutuzova, Nicole Vaidisova and Ana Ivanovic.

Anyway, good luck & good writing!