Brian Suksomwong Becoming The Comedy Event of The Sports Year

EX-UCLA BAND MEMBER MUST BE A BIG HIT W/THE LADIES: DEADSPIN plays the name game, as the amusing moniker of a former UCLA band member is causing chuckles and generating guffaws among the blogosphere.

Brian Suksomwong

The name raising a ruckus? Brian Suksomwong.Is such a name the funniest in existence?

Dick Trickle

Ask Dick Trickle.Or Chris Porn.

And don’t talk crap about FIFA Player of the Year Kaka.

Former NASCAR Drivers Forming Senior Racing Tour

BANK STOREFRONTS, FARMERS MARKETS NOW ON NOTICE: The CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, via THAT’S RACIN’, reports retired NASCAR drivers are forming a senior racing circuit called the “Old School Racing Champions Tour.”

NASCAR Senior Driver

The left-turn blinker burnout starts next year, with 10 races on various short tracks in the South and Midwest. Former NASCAR drivers like Harry Gant, Geoff Bodine, David Pearson and Dick Trickle (yes!) will participate, with their winnings will goto charity.

Dick Trickle Fan Club

With Trickle in the fold, we’re guessing the circuit will get more coverage on ESPN SportsCenter than the NHL. And we’ve already thought of the promotional slogan for the racing league:

I thought it was the break!