Dolphins Cheerleaders Unveil New Bikini Calendar

• A hip-hop remix of the team’s fight song by T-Pain can’t ruin the joy of the release of a new Miami Dolphins cheerleader bikini calendar.

Miami Dolphins cheerleaders

• The NFL preseason is underway, and Sunday’s opener was pretty uneventful - save for the most perfectly executed fake punt you’ll likely see.

• Another Michigan Wolverine is off the team. It has to be RichRod’s fault, and not that failed cocaine deal-turned-dorm arson attempt.

• Ohio State LB Tyler Moeller is out for the season after suffering seizures this past weekend.

• The SEC is turning into MLB when it comes to new rules of broadcasting highlights & online media of its games.

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WaPo Pulls Strip Depicting Cheney “Hit” On Vick

At first glance, “Tank McNamara” may seem the least likely of comic strips to be pulled from newspapers because of some ugly controversy. Well, except for “Family Circus.” In fact, if pressed, I’ll bet few people can even tell you what “Tank McNamara” is about — it’s just the comic strip in the sports section you always skim over on your way to the baseball box scores and Cialis ads. Even though it’s been around since 1974.

Dick Cheney Michael Vick

But those fans who read it religiously know that Tank has grown out of his affable doofus stage. No longer a benign character, the athlete-turned-commentator tackles contemporary issues with 21st-century aplomb; hot-button issues such as steroids, gambling addiction, runaway athlete salaries and now … Dick Cheney advising a hit on Michael Vick? What? If you’re wondering why today’s “Tank McNamara” in the Washington Post is a rerun, it’s because the paper has pulled it.

(The offending comic in question is after the jump.)

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ECHL’s Blagojevich Night Means Prison Uniforms

Not to go all MSNBC on you, but did you see Rod Blagojevich’s press conference yesterday? Holy crap, that’s the early favorite for batsh*ttiest insane moment of 2009. The impeached Illinois Governor is honestly making Stephen Colbert’s job a little too easy. But around these parts, we all know that the destination for cutting edge political satire isn’t the Daily Show or Colbert Report, but rather the ECHL.

Las Vegas Wranglers Blagojevich Jersey

Those Las Vegas Wranglers are up to their old tricks again, scheduling Rod Blagojevich night. The players will play in vintage prison uniforms, a move that’s either hilariously slanderous or slanderously hilarious. They’ll also be auctioning off the best seat to the highest bidder.

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Blog-O-*Hic*-Rama: DUI-Inspired La Russa Jersey

• JOE SPORTS FAN gives a toast to this clever Tony La Russa jersey.

Tony La Russa DUI jersey

• DEADSPIN wants to know if you approve of Rachel Nichols.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS notes the 3rd time’s the charm for Brandon Rush declaring for the NBA draft.

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Bobby Knight Accused Of Taking Shots At People While Hunting

KNIGHT CAUGHT TAKING SHOTS AT PEOPLE - LITERALLY: SPORTS ILLUSTRATED reports that two people have come forward about taking shots from Bobby Knight last month. Not verbal shots, but gun pellet shots.

Bob Knight finger pistols

One woman said she was hit in the foot by birdshot fired by the Texas Tech coach while he was hunting. However, Knight came over to the woman and apologized, saying it was an accident - and she believed his claim.

But another man said Knight intentionally shot at him the next day, when he yelled at the coach for hunting too close to his house. Neither day’s shots caused any injuries, nor were any charges filed.

Bob Knight

Bobby calls the 2nd person’s allegations “ridiculous”, adding, “You haven’t heard anything from that guy for two weeks. That’s done. I got no comment on that whatsoever because that’s absolute (expletive).”

It’s not the first time Knight’s aim was off. In 1999, Knight was accused of shooting a friend in the shoulder and back with pellets while grouse hunting in Wisconsin. Claiming it was another accident, the then-Indiana coach was fined over $500 for hunting without a license.

Dick Cheney

Bobby must get his hunting tips from Dick Cheney.