War Hero Welcomed Into Cincinnati Bengal Huddle

Yesterday, the highly-litigated Cincinnati Bengals took time out from their practice to welcome a true American hero onto the field: Army Sgt. Michael Garvin.

Sgt. Gavin welcomed to Bengals camp

Garvin has been on two tours of Iraq, the second cut short because of a pesky IED. He’s faced down live grenades, rocket launchers and camouflaged enemy combatants, but nothing shows his amazing testicular fortitude like having the guts to name one of your own sons after a Bengal.

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Blog Jam: Ah-nold Gets Carded In New Topps Set

Chris Olds of the ORLANDO SENTINEL deals up some kooky baseball cards, including one of Arnold Schwarzenegger as President.

Arnold Schwarzenegger baseball card

• KTRE reports on a high school basketball coach accused of having sex with student - the twist being that both coach & student are female.

Rick Reilly devotes his debut ESPN column to his drunken dad.

• AOL FANHOUSE serves up notice that Michael Jordan has requested a restraining order on the woman who keeps bugging him about her baby.

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Former NFLer Takes A Scrum At Rugby In England

An NFL player wants to show just how tough he is by taking part in a pro rugby match.

Dhani Jones

SCRUM.COM reports that Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones will have taken a “crash course” in the rough & tumble sport, and will likely see action this Saturday in England for the Blackheath club.

And it’s not just a scrimmage that Dhani will be scrumming in. Blackheath will be facing Launceston in the fifth round of the EDF Energy National Trophy finals.

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