Student Support For WAC Member School Suffers

Here’s a flyer that was circulated by the thousands early Wednesday morning on the campus of New Mexico State in Las Cruces, New Mexico:

New Mexico State student flyer

The paper messages, which were posted overnight on or at campus dorms, light poles, parking lots, bus stops, academic buildings and the main Corbett Student Center were seen by NMSU students as they went to class today - including Aggie football players.

New Mexico State student flyer

It took hours to scrub the campus of the obscene fliers, which appeared three days before the winless New Mexico State football team takes on in-state rival New Mexico in Las Cruces.

Neither team has tasted victory this season, with local and national media spotlighting the astonishingly moribund state of New Mexico football. UNM is currently 0-5 and has won one game game in two years under new coach Mike Locksley. NMSU is 0-4 in 2010 and 3-14 for coach DeWayne Walker in his second season. Read more…

Report: Carroll Has ‘Accepted’ Seahawks Position

UPDATE: Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS reports:

Pete Carroll did not officially inform USC he was leaving as of Friday afternoon but sources within the university said he accepted a job with the Seattle Seahawks and only needed to agree to final contract details.

Pete Carroll

USC sources said Carroll agreed to a five-year deal with the Seahawks with the only question how much power he would have in the organization. The Seahawks lack a coach and general manager and Carroll’s often expressed a hope to do both when he returned to the NFL.

Not a good sign Pete Carroll is staying at USC when the head PR guy for the Trojans football team, Tim Tessalone, tells the LOS ANGELES TIMES that, “I’ve put a message out to him (Carroll), but haven’t heard back yet. At this point, we have nothing to report. Perhaps check with the Seahawks.

Sam Farmer and Gary Klein of the Times report:

The Seahawks and Carroll are close to a deal, which is believed to be a five-year contract to become president and head coach at $7 million a year, nothing has been signed, said sources close to the situation who are not authorized to speak on his behalf.

I’ve subsequently learned myself that Leslie Frazier will not be interviewing with the Seahawks on Saturday, as was reported earlier today by ESPN.

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New Mexico State Asking Fans To Donate Snacks

What was the best part of playing sports while you were growing up? The camaraderie of participating in team sports with friends both new and old? The thrill of competition? Those badass uniforms that sometimes bore the actual name and logo of a real pro franchise? No, no, no, and definitely no. We played for the snacks, baby.

NMSU Sno Cone
(From suicide sprints to suicide Sno-Cones. Everyone’s a winner here, folks.)

But that’s small-time athletics, y’know, and all part of the “hey everyone gets to play” low levels of competition. When it comes to real D-I, big-money sports like football, though, things are on a whole different level when it comes to nutrition and other ways of taking care of athletes. Well, everywhere except New Mexico State University.

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Speed Read: Oregon Sports Teams End Year Up

The conventional wisdom is that the Pac-10 was having an exceedingly down year. In fact, that’s probably the main reason that USC was left out of the National Championship discussion: their one loss against a Pac-10 school was far worse than a loss to an SEC or Big 12 team.

Oregon celebrates versus Oklahoma State

So what do we make of Oregon’s 42-31 victory over Oklahoma State in last night’s Holiday Bowl? Yes, the Ducks featured an explosive offense, which you would expect from an Oregon team and is apparently mandatory to play in the Holiday Bowl. But the story was their defense in the second half, which put the clamps on the Cowboys’ star QB Zac Robinson.

How physical were they? DR. SATURDAY has some video evidence from YouTube of just one of the many big hits Robinson took in the second half:

It was just a big day all around for Oregon sports teams. Along with the Ducks winning the Holiday Bowl, the Portland Trail Blazers did the improbable on Tuesday night, taking out the defending champion Boston Celtics 91-86 without the services of injured All-Star guard Brandon Roy.

Trail Blazers vs Celtics

Keeping in mind it might be foolish for the Celtics to start panicking now - they are still 28-5 - but they have lost three of four. Oh hell, where the fun of having a sense of perspective: between this, the Patriots missing the playoffs and the Red Sox getting rejected by Mark Teixeira, let’s start wildly speculating about the end of the Boston sports dynasty.

Other sports news that happened as you prepare to get your drank on tonight:

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Neuheisel Returns to Westwood as UCLA Coach

Looks like UCLA finally found their man - a man named Rick Neuheisel:

Rick Neuheisel UCLA coach

ESPN reports that the ex-Bruins QB will be coming back to Westwood to lead his alma mater’s football squad. Neuheisel takes the reigns over from Karl Dorrell, who was let go almost a month earlier.

Neuheisel comes back to the Pac-10 coaching ranks, previously leading the Washington Huskies before getting fired in 2003 for betting in an NCAA basketball pool.

Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick would appear to be happy for his soon-to-be ex-offensive coordinator. Billick was quoted earlier as saying that Rick’s “enthusiasm and affection is for the college game.”

Based on the Ravens’ woes this year, Rick wasn’t much help pro-wise.

William Hung Washington-Cal game

But the hiring may also be helpful for the Huskies, who’ve been inquiring about interim UCLA coach DeWayne Walker. Neuheisel’s selection may mean Washington has found their new defensive coordinator.

Temple Coach Turns Down UCLA Football Opening

How sad is your search for a college football coach when the guy from Temple turns you down?

Temple football player

The LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS reports that Owls coach Al Golden has removed his name from the job opening at UCLA. It appears that Al doesn’t want to give up the Golden opportunity of turning around one of the worst teams in college football. With a 5-19 record in two seasons, he still has a ways to go.

Meanwhile, Bruins defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker interviewed with Westwood brass Wednesday morning, hoping his interim job as UCLA coach could become a full-time one. But Walker will need some better resume material than that 17-16 loss to BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Rick Neuheisel UCLA coach

The other well-known applicant, Baltimore Ravens OC Rick Neuheisel, is staying mum at the moment. But when the SEATTLE TIMES talked to the former Bruin QB about the Las Vegas loss, he replied, “I was disappointed we didn’t pull it out.”

‘We’? Hmmm….a tell-tale sign about coming back to the alma mater?

As for UCLA, it’s one thing to emulate long-time football powers like Michigan and Arkansas, but to copy their crappy coaching confusion?

UCLA Athletic Director Calls Karl Dorrell True Bruin Then Fires Him

“TRUE BRUIN” KARL DORRELL DUMPED AFTER FIVE YEARS: The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports today that Karl Dorrell has been fired by UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero.

Karl Dorrell UCLA

Statement from Guerrero: “This was a very difficult decision for me. Karl has represented this program with dignity and class. He is a true Bruin and I respect what he has accomplished in his five years as our head coach, particularly off the field.“The folks at USC would certainly agree that Dorrell was a “true Bruin”, which is why they are so upset that he was fired.

MORE: “Boise State’s Chris Petersen, Texas Tech’s Mike Leach and former NFL coach Steve Mariucci have already been contacted by representatives on behalf of the athletic department. DeWayne Walker will be the Bruins’ interim coach for the Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 22..

Carroll’s “We Blew It” Admission Deflects Blame From Assistant Coach

PC RUNNING INTERFERENCE FOR INCOMPETENT ASSISTANT: Adam Rose of the LOS ANGELES TIMES records Pete Carroll admitting that he “blew it” by allowing quarterback John David Booty to finish the USC loss to Stanford this season despite a “broken hand“:

Pete Carroll Los Angeles Times We Blew It

We really blew it against Stanford. We screwed it up because we played a guy that was hurt. I made a mistake on that. That was me. That wasn’t Norm or Lane or Eddy-O, or any of those guys. That was me screwing it up and not recognizing it, and sitting on the football at the end of the game. We kept throwing it with a guy with a broken hand.“Pretty contrite, eh? And if you don’t know anything about USC football, you would think Carroll is legitimately owning up to his own mistakes. But what he’s really doing is covering for under-fire offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. Why else would Carroll mention former offensive assistants Norm Chow and Lane Kiffin in his denial?

Steve Sarkisian

Like we said, that works well for the masses outside the 213, but if you really know what the hell is going on, you understand that Carroll’s inability to hire quality assistant coaches has been the major on-field downfall of the program.Norm Chow made the careers of Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart and based on his USC, NC State and BYU accomplishments, may well be the most-decorated assistant coach in college football history. Here’s what he told Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS last year about the competence of Sarkisian and Kiffin (in relation to UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker): “I know DeWayne Walker may be better than both of those guys.

UCLA 13 USC 9 Rose Bowl Scoreboard Anyssa

And we all know what happened last season at the Rose Bowl.If Carroll really wants to own up to the true error of his ways, he should fire Sarkisian. Because since they are such close friends, that won’t happen. But you can bet Carroll will be working hard to get Sark a “promotion” this offseason - much like the black hole Kiffin has since been sucked into in Oakland.