Devean George Makes a Mess Of Mavs-Nets Trade

If Roger Clemens gets a presidential pardon, we want one, too.

• Who would’ve thought Devean George would be such a power player in NBA trade talks?

Devean George hanging on hoop

• Meanwhile, the Association is gazing across the pond, as there’s plans to put teams in Europe.

Len Pasquarelli must like his job, as the ESPN writer is back at work after quintuple-bypass surgery.

• But Dan Patrick isn’t as gung-ho about the Worldwide Leader, as he takes a jab at his ex-employer & Chris Berman.

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Devean George Can Block A Trade? Seriously?

Who’s the unknown role-player putting the kibosh on the deal that would send Jason Kidd back to Dallas with Malik Allen? This guy, right here:

Devean George

Due to injuries, Mavs swingman Devean George has been starting lately, and seems to like his situation — thus, he is exercising his “Larry Bird rights” and saying no to being dealt along with Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, 2 others, draft picks and cash, according to the DALLAS MORNING NEWS.

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