Pitchman Wants ‘Jeter Wall’ For His Own Mansion

You might recall the story about Tiger Woods‘ garish new digs earlier this week, or this summer’s pictures of Derek Jeter’s 31,000 sq. ft. supermansion going up. Hey, if you’re worth nine digits, you live like it, pal. To nobody’s surprise, both those men are going to have extra security around their homes to keep out the prying eyes of superfans who are unhinged from reality, like Ed Werder or Rachel Nichols. Sorry, but that whole Favre thing was weird, you two.

Derek Jeter Anthony Sullivan

One of Jeter’s neighbors on the Davis Islands is Anthony Sullivan, who you might remember if you watch way, way too much bad television. He’s basically taking over Billy Mays‘ job. He wants the same exact six-foot-high fence around his property that Jeter has, and neighbors aren’t terribly impressed; Anthony Sullivan’s famous, but he’s no Jeter (better defensive range, for one).

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