NBA Cheerleaders Also Feeling An Economic Pinch

• The economic squeeze is being felt on the Denver Nuggets cheerleaders, as they’re now only being brought in to work weekend games.

Denver Nuggets Dancers

(Looking for a handout?)

Fortunately, the Nuggets Dancers (above) are still fully employed - for now.

• One more reason not to care about the WBC: The U.S.A. is D.O.A.

• It’s good when an NFL player wants to mop up a mess. It’s not good when said mop is used to attack the mother of said player’s children.

• Probable #1 MLB pick already repped by Scott Boras. This should go well.

• Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez once threw out the first pitch at a Mets game. Wonder what Fidel Castro would have blogged about that?

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Even Cheerleaders Aren’t Safe From Bad Economy

The lousy economy is still taking a bite out of professional sports. Less people are buying tickets, and teams have had to let go of some of their staff. But now we really know how serious this economic downturn is when clubs are cutting back on cheerleaders.

Denver Nuggets Dancers

Sad as it may sound, the Denver Nuggets are having to resort to such cost-saving measures. A percentage of pom-poms will no longer shake at the Pepsi Center. Less moves will be busted.

So, will Nuggets fans be denied watching such work as shown above? Well, not quite.

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NFL Cheerleading Isn’t Brain Surgery - Or Is It?

• Titans cheerleader Melissa: All about beauty, ballet & brain research.

Melissa Tennessee Titans cheerleader

• Coming soon to a cinema near you: Dennis Rodman & The Four Dwarfs.

• Will the Worldwide Leader defy the Free World Leader over the BCS?

• Speaking of ESPN, the freshly-cut Pacman Jones plans on bringing a lawsuit against the boys from Bristol.

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SbB Caption Contest: Delectable Denver Dancers

Hey, readers! It’s time for another enthralling SbB Clever Caption Contest!

And we have a special treat for you today. In honor of yesterday’s contest featuring Cristobal Huet’s hockey heinie, we present a pic that’s four times the fun, and 400 times as fanny-tastic - the Denver Nuggets Dancers!

Denver Nuggets Dancers

So, how would you describe this derriere-developed scene? Submit your suggestions to the comments section linked below. Winner will be announced in the end-of-the-day recap, with a chance to win an autographed x-ray of Carmelo Anthony’s broken hand. (Of course, he’ll have to sign it with his other hand.)

Good luck & good writing! And let’s keep it PG-13 or tamer, please.