New Photos: JR Smith’s Limo Is Very, Very Smoky

Friday I published a photo currently featured as the background image (inset below) of Denver Nugget J.R. Smith’s Twitter account.

J.R. Smith South Beach Limo

(New, closer shot of Smith in limo)

Today I ran across a couple-three more photos of the same scene, which has been subject to much speculation on message boards and blogs since Smith first posted the background image in early October.

JR Smith Limo Photo: 18 Women

(Not shopped: Two different images as animated gif)

Though I can now officially confirm that the pics were taken during a trip by Smith with his brother Chris to South Beach in May, I have a feeling these new shots won’t do much to extinguish the already combustible conversation blazing about the NBA baller’s vacay. Read more…

More On Photo Of 18 Ladies In NBA Baller’s Limo

This photo of the inside of a limousine currently adorns the Twitter account of Denver Nugget J.R. Smith as its background image.

JR Smith Limo Photo: 18 Women

(How did Smith find them? Try his Twitter timeline sometime)

Smith put the image up the first week of October, and it’s just now starting to get some play around the web on various message boards and blogs.

So what’s the story behind the photo? Read more…

Wife Behind ‘Melo’s Continental Divide In Denver?

Why has Carmelo Anthony suddenly decided that he wants out of the Denver Nuggets organization?

La La Vazquez

(Carmelo Anthony’s wife LaLa Vasquez)

Nothing has changed to suggest that the Nuggets won’t remain as an elite team this season - so long as Anthony remains on the roster. In fact, the club figures to have a better chance to go deeper in the playoffs thanks to the inspirational comeback of their cancer-stricken coach, George Karl.

With that in mind, why did Anthony turn down a $65 million contract offer from the Nuggets in June and reportedly make known through his reps that he desired a trade - only to the New York or L.A. markets?

In the past week, there’s been a colossal amount of coverage involving Anthony’s trade prospects, but very little indication of why Denver apparently has little-to-no choice but to trade him.

LaLa Vasquez

Though there are some pretty striking clues to what triggered Anthony’s intentions. Read more…

Hangin’ Out: R-Jeff, Luke Walton, K-Rush, Kroenke

Heres a couple photos sent to me by a reader today:

Kareem Rush, Luke Walton, Richard Jefferson Josh Kroenke cruise photos

(Full size version of photo here)

The photos include NBA players Kareem Rush, Richard Jefferson, former Univ. of Missouri basketball player and son of Nuggets Owner Josh Kroenke and Luke Walton and two other men sharing a drink and a banana boat.

Kareem Rush, Luke Walton, Richard Jefferson cruise photos

The photos were taken on a cruise earlier this summer. Read more…

Report: Karl Has Cancer, To Continue Coaching

UPDATE: Ric Bucher reports tonight on that George Karl has contracted “treatable” throat cancer:

A biopsy determined that it was “very treatable and curable” form of throat cancer, Karl said, but it will still require an intense program of radiation and chemotherapy that will probably force him to miss some regular-season games.

Treatment will consist of 35 sessions over the next six weeks. The sessions are expected to leave his throat extremely raw, requiring him to be fed through his stomach in the final weeks. “Keeping up your nutrition is a big part of the challenge,” he said.

“I’m starting the treatments now in hopes I’ll be ready to go once the playoffs start,” he said. 

UPDATE:’s David Aldridge reports “Nuggets Coach George Karl will announce that he is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer, not in prostate. Karl will continue to coach team while receiving treatments, but will miss some games later in the season.”

Benjamin Hochman of the DENVER POST reports tonight: “Sad news. An NBA source said George Karl is battling cancer agan.”

Report: George Karl has cancer

More from KUSA-TV in Denver:

Denver Nuggets Head Coach George Karl will miss several games because of a medical issue, 9NEWS has learned.

Read more…

Brad Miller’s Buzzer-Beater: Was It Off In Time?

Shame shame if you missed tonight’s Bulls-Nuggets game; it featured one of the closest game-ending calls in recent memory - certainly the closest of the young season. Quick recap to set the scene: Nuggets lead throughout the 4th quarter, only to see the Bulls make up a 7-point deficit late and tie the game at 89. Chauncey Billups gets the ball, gets fouled on the last shot by Kirk Hinrich (it was a good call, if not one that always gets called on the last play of the game), and goes to the line with under a second left. Hits the first, misses the second on purpose, Bulls get it and immediately call timeout. Clock runs out… but the officials put 0.3 seconds back on the clock! So you’re sayin’ there’s a chance! After the timeout, the Bulls inbound from their side of the court, get it to Brad Miller who gets the shot off as soon as he touches it, aaaaand….

Brad Miller Chicago Bulls Buzzer Beater
(…well? Good? No?)

The shot miraculously goes in, and the refs call it good. It’s a celebration, bitches! Naturally, they go to the sideline monitor to review the play, because wow. And they keep reviewing. And keep reviewing. And–look, I’m going to write that over and over until you have to read it for five minutes, because that’s how long it took before the referees called it no good and gave the win to the Nuggets. Video, courtesy of the always-clutch @jose3030, is after the break.

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Carmelo Anthony Annihilates Utah’s Paul Millsap

If you went to bed early or had other things to do besides watch the Denver-Utah game on ESPN last night, you made the wrong decision. One, because the NBA is awesome and this is its strongest iteration since about, oh, 1996; and two, because you missed Carmelo Anthony’s enormous dunk over Paul Millsap, who is legit in his own right. Or was. RIP Millsap’s cred, you will be missed.

Carmelo Anthony Posterizes Paul Millsap
(Melo, my man.)

The play was an effective dagger into Utah’s heart for the night; the Nuggets had begun to pull away in the second half, but Utah was still hang-ging around, hang-ging around, down 8 halfway through the fourth quarter. Millsap had just corralled a defensive rebound and sent a lazy pass up the court to a waiting Deron Williams. Bad decision, sir, as Anthony was waiting for the pass. Anthony picked it off, took one dribble, and utterly posterized Millsap, who compounded his earlier bad decision by standing in the crease. Video? Of course there’s video, after the break.

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Week In Review: Brooks & Cecilia at the X-Games

Brooks gleams the cube, as he & SbB Girl Cecilia check out the X-Games.

Brooks and SbB Girl Cecilia At X Games

Percy Harvin regales U of Florida recruits with wild Gator tales of partying, pot smoking, and coach choking.

• Speaking of the SEC, does Matthew Stafford’s U of Georgia girlfriend have enhanced gazongas?

• Fresh off the LeBron Dunkgate comes the Tiger Woods Fartgate.

• Detroit Pistons rookie DaJuan Summers places a Twitter bet with porn star Valerie Luxe on who can get 4,000 followers the fastest.

Read more…

Pistons Rookie Places Twitter Bet With Porn Star

• Detroit Pistons rookie DaJuan Summers places a Twitter bet with porn star Valerie Luxe: Whoever gets 4,000 followers first wins either dinner & a massage, or a trip to the water park.

Valerie Luxe DaJuan Summers

• Meanwhile, ESPN’s Mark Schlereth gets into a Twitter war with Chad Ochocinco.

• But neither guy would want to mess with J.R. Smith, especially if the Nuggets player is Tweeting like he’s a member of the Bloods.

Roger Mayweather - Floyd Jr.’s uncle & trainer - is accused of attacking & trying to strangle a female boxer.

• Browns WR Braylon Edwards poses with a bunch of alcohol. So all those drops were due to the D.T.’s?

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J.R. Smith — Member Of Bloods, Or Bad Speller?

So the NBA is kind of touchy when it comes to their players referencing gangs — remember when the Celtics’ Paul Pierce was fined $25,000 for flashing a Piru Blood gang sign at the Hawks’ Al Horford in 2008? The Nuggets’ J.R. Smith may also be skating on fragile frozen water if anyone in the league office examines his Twitter account.

J.R. Smith

According to the DENVER POST, Smith’s Twitter is creating controversy due to the way he’s presenting some of his posts — spelling words with a “k” in place of a “c,” or removing the “c” altogether, which is commonly associated with the Bloods street gang. Because Smith has more than 15,000 followers, it’s creating some noise.

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